5 Safety Precautions to Consider Before Giving Birth

By: Hannah Whittenly


Nothing in the world inspires a deeper love than a newborn baby. Even the foul smells of a full diaper can’t deter affection. Chances are the baby’s well-being has been the most prevalent thought swimming through your mind since first learning of the new life growing within. Diet restrictions, baby-proofing the home and reading up on caring for the little peanut are all fairly standard, but there are several other precautions parents should take before delivery.

Check the Air Quality

The majority of a baby’s young life is spent in your very own home. Sure you’ve covered every single plug, locked cabinets, and put cleaners up high, but what about the very air you breathe? Molds and other contaminants are devastating to you and your baby’s health. That is why home air quality tests should be done by a professional that you can call to your home. Once you know the quality you can decide if further work needs to be done. If there is any risk presented, make sure to take immediate action.

Get a Car Seat Check

One of the most important things that you need to get for your child’s own safety, is a car seat. Every year, these save thousands of children’s lives and you definitely want your child to have the same life-saving advantage that hopefully most others do. Yet, if not done correctly, it can turn into a very hazardous situation if you were to end up in an accident. However, did you know that you can actually go to almost any fire station and get a free check? By doing this, you can have more confidence that your pride and joy is secure.

Research Your Neighborhood

Don’t forget to think just outside of your home too. Before bringing a baby home from the hospital, you should be confident that your neighborhood is a safe place for him or her to be, especially if you plan on raising your child there for the next few years or so. This is why you should check the crime rates in your area and learn whether or not there are pedophiles near your home. All of this information is easily available to you online and can help you assess if you should install a security system or take certain precautions in your area.

Know the Malpractice Rate

Most parents will take the time to research their obstetrician and pediatrician before they even start seeing doctors during the pregnancy process. Some even already know which hospital that they would prefer to give birth at. You’ve probably done all of that type of research too, but have you checked their malpractice rate? If it has a high rate, especially in the birthing wing, that is something to be caution rate. This not only affects a baby’s safety but the mother’s too. If there’s a very high rate compared to other local hospitals and doctor’s offices, then you should consider seeking care elsewhere. Either way, though, you should be prepared and know your resources just in case something were to go wrong. You should know alternative doctors that you can go to instead, where to obtain legal help from firms that are experienced in malpractice suits, like McLaughlin & Lauricella, PC, and know all emergency resources in your area.

Gather Your Support Team

Mothers often put their babies and children first, but your health affects them too. Make sure you have a good support team of family and friends to take care of you and support you when you need them. Post partem depression is an issue that many women face and you can never tell whether or not it will affect you. However, you will be better off if you’re prepared. Know the signs and never be afraid to ask for help. In fact, you may want to make sure that someone comes and visits you a few times a week just to make sure that you are okay.

Feeling overwhelmed yet? Try not to stress too much. Do your research and give love. Be prepared ahead of time so you can enjoy every moment, sweet ones as well as middle of the night cry-fests.