Ticket To Ride The Official Cookbook – We love trains. Traveling by train is something that more and more families should explore. One way families enjoy trains is from Alan R Moon’s iconic board game, Ticket to Ride. The Ticket To Ride The Official Cookbook gives you the option to treat yourself to the dining car menus that have been inspired by some of your favorite destinations in both the United States and Canada.

The Recipes

Inspired by the game, fans of Ticket to Ride will notice the similarities to the book. Like the game, you will explore cities and spaces but also bond with your family. With over 75 recipes in the book, there will be something for everyone! We suggest cooking these recipes at home for your family or even for a fun Ticket to Ride game night!

Where do you even begin? Well, this book is organized by the Destination tickets. Overall, there are 15 routes. You can expect a delicious appetizer, a yummy side dish, a main course a dessert and a cocktail for the parents playing. Each recipe has a strong tie and pays homage to the city it is from.

ticket to ride recipes

For The Cook

You don’t have to be a fancy chef to get one of these delicious meals made. The recipes are easy to understand with digestable step by step process to help you create these local delicacies. From Ulysses Press, you will be impressing your friends and family with your extensive knowledge of local cuisines and delicious dishes that will have everyone talking.

From poutines inspired by Quebec to Mai Tai in San Francisco, you will enjoy your tasty adventure through vasts parts of North America.

Ticket To Ride

Whether you are an avid player of Ticket To Ride or you are just looking for a railway culinary adventure, you will adore this recipe book. Impress your friends and family at a party or make some delicious dishes to enrich your children. Your family will be all aboard for each delicious recipe you create. All in all, you can do it alone or with your family as a bonding experience.