By: Himanshu Poswal

Mother Kissing Toddler's Cheek


One of the most beautiful experience for any woman is the event of motherhood. However, it is never easy to recover after a delivery and if you gave birth to a cesarean, it is going to be an extended series of the pain. But hey! Turning to the solutions is what that helps you in a long run. To ease out your life, we present to you the must-know things after a C-section delivery.


1) Nursing post birth

One can never ignore the importance of nursing after the birth. It not only stimulates the milk to bring it in sooner and lend the advantages of the colostrum to the newly born but also advances the bonding between the mother and infant. Since you had a C-section, breastfeeding the child before anesthesia wears off will relieve you of the pain and helps you during the first breastfeeding of the baby.


2) Breastfeeding right after the birth is harmless

One of the myths has been broken! It is perfectly okay and possible to breastfeed your baby after the birth. However, this is open in the case if the doctors give you an epidural or the regional anesthetic and not the general! To your luck and delight, epidural has replaced the general anesthetic in most hospitals in the present day. Nevertheless, for the first time, you will need assistance in supporting the baby as well as helping you to be in a comfortable position for the purpose.


3) Painkillers and antibiotics are helping you

It is generally believed that the external medication may deplete the milk quantity and deteriorate the quality for your child. The fact is that they stimulate the milk production and relieves you of the pain you will encounter otherwise. They are acting as a support to make the breastfeed comfortable. Cheer up, painkillers and antibiotics are your friends in reality!


4) The delay is natural and will last for a while!

One thing that you need to realize if it is your first C-section is that it will take some time for you and infant to adjust. Everything has its first time and that you can never have the expertise in same. You are still recovering from the pain, you may be uncomfortable with the external nursing and you have uncertainty about the things that you are doing! Roughly for the first five days, your milk will take time to come in and hence you must nurse the baby often to let it have the maximum intake of the colostrum.


5) It will be tough but so are you!

The pain involved in delivering a baby that too via C-section surgery will leave you sore and fatigued. In this situation, it will be tough to nourish your baby with the prime requirement of your breastfeed. You will be required to maintain his body temperature via skin-to-skin contact, assure his comfort while you feed him and many more similar challenges. Definitely, it will be tough but being a woman, your mental strength will be helping you in beating the same.