How to Make Your Home Safe for a Baby


After welcoming a baby to your home, you must make some changes to protect the child from potential dangers. It is better to begin updating your home before your baby can crawl because children are notorious for getting into things that are dangerous. Fortunately, it is easy to find the things required to protect your child at nearby or online stores.

Store Medicines and Cleaning Products in Secure Locations

You can no longer store medications or cleaning products in easy to reach locations because infants and toddlers don’t understand how dangerous these things are. Find special containers that have childproof locks for storing any type of medication, including aspirin or antacids. Keep this container in a location such as the top shelf of a bedroom or linen closet. For cleaning products, you should also keep the bottles out of reach by placing the items in the highest cabinets in your kitchen, and in addition, buy specialized locks so that you are the only one who can open these cabinets. Label potential poisons with “Mr Yuk” stickers to help your child recognize dangerous substances.

Prevent Injuries from Sharp Objects

When you visit the baby department of a local store, look for stick-on adhesive cushioning devices that you can attach to the sharp corners of furniture. These protective devices are suitable for coffee tables, bookshelves or any type of furniture that has a sharp corner. While you are completing this chore, move any breakable glass or ceramic items from a baby’s reach. You can store these items away until a child is older, or you can place the items on a shelf that is too high to reach.

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Cover Electrical Sockets and Protect Electrical Wires

You can also find plastic covers to push into electrical sockets that are located behind furniture. This is the type of location where your baby will crawl, and she might stick a toy or her finger into the socket, leading to an electrical shock. You should also protect electrical wires by winding the items up so that a baby can’t touch or chew the items. To keep babies away from electrical outlets and wires, you can rearrange the furniture to make it difficult for an infant to get near the dangerous items.

Increase Your Home’s Security with New Systems

According to ADT-GA, one of homeowners’ biggest concerns is the potential for intruders to break in and steal possessions or harm their family. Today, there are more home invasions taking place, including incidences of kidnapping infants. You can buy home security devices to protect your baby, including burglary alarms and new locks for the windows or doors. It is also easier to have video surveillance cameras outside or inside your home, and you can have this type of system installed in your baby’s nursery.

Avoid Accidental Shootings with Firearms

If you have firearms in your home, then don’t keep the items in bedside nightstands or in bedroom closets. Make sure to have a lockable portable gun case for one firearm, or if you have multiple guns and rifles, then invest in a large gun safe that only you can open. According to CaveArmor, a study was conducted in 2006 on parental perceptions about children and firearms. There was a group of parents in the study who didn’t believe their children knew where the guns were kept, but  half of the kids knew the exact location of the guns and 22% of them had actually touched the guns. It is your job as a parent to teach your child about gun safety.