Letter J Show and Tell Ideas- Show and tell is such an exciting time for children. They get to show their friends at school their finds and discuss what they know. They also get to learn from their peers about their items or experiences. Show and tell is a time where your child learns a lot! Sometimes, a teacher may assign each student a letter. From there, they can pick any item that starts with that letter and present it as a show and tell idea. Here are 85 Letter J show and tell ideas for your inspiration.

Letter J Show and Tell Ideas With Descriptions

Here are 85 show and tell ideas for the letter “J” along with brief descriptions:


Share a jar of colorful jellybeans and talk about their flavors.


Discuss the different animals and plants you might find in a jungle.

Jigsaw Puzzle:

Bring in a completed jigsaw puzzle or a challenging one to solve.


Show off a carved pumpkin, especially great for Halloween.

Japanese Culture:

Share aspects of Japanese culture like origami, sushi, or kimonos.


Display a personal journal and talk about the importance of writing.


Show off a piece of jewelry or talk about different types of jewelry.

Jazz Music:

Play a short jazz tune or discuss famous jazz musicians.

Jungle Gym:

Bring in a small model of a jungle gym or playground equipment.

Jet Plane:

Display a model or a picture of a jet plane and talk about air travel.

Jump Rope:

Demonstrate some jump rope tricks and talk about exercise.


Show a video or perform some jazzercise moves.

Jewel Beetle:

Share information about these beautiful insects.


Discuss the fascinating world of jellyfish and their habitats.


Share information about the Jewish religion and culture.

Jigsaw Map:

Display a jigsaw map puzzle and discuss geography.


Demonstrate some basic judo moves.


Talk about the history and popularity of jeans.


Share facts about these big cats.


Show a jackfruit and discuss its taste and uses.

Jazzercise Video:

Show a short jazzercise workout video.


Discuss the concept of justice and its importance.

Jalapeno Pepper:

Talk about different types of peppers and their spiciness.


Share about the field of journalism and its role in society.


Display a miniature jukebox or discuss its history.

Japanese Art:

Show examples of Japanese art like paintings or calligraphy.

Jet Ski:

Bring in a small model or picture of a jet ski.


Demonstrate basic juggling skills.


Share different flavors and types of jelly.

Juniper Plant:

Discuss juniper plants and their uses.

Jukebox Music:

Play a classic jukebox song.

Jumping Spider:

Share facts about these unique spiders.

Jazz Dance:

Perform a short jazz dance routine.


Talk about these scavenger animals.

Jasmine Flowers:

Show jasmine flowers and discuss their fragrance.

Jiffy Pop:

Bring in a container of Jiffy Pop popcorn and talk about its unique cooking method.

Jazz Instruments:

Show and explain instruments commonly used in jazz music.

Jurassic Park:

Discuss the concept of dinosaurs and the movie “Jurassic Park.”

]Jingle Bells:

Play a tune on a set of jingle bells.

Japanese Language:

Teach a few basic Japanese words and phrases.


Show a classic jack-in-the-box toy.


Discuss the use of joysticks in gaming.

Jazz Legends:

Share about famous jazz musicians like Louis Armstrong or Miles Davis.

Jawbreaker Candy:

Display a large jawbreaker candy and talk about its layers.

Justice League:

Talk about the superhero team and their characters

.Jamaican Culture:

Share aspects of Jamaican culture, like reggae music or traditional clothing.

Jet Engine:

Explain how jet engines work with a model or diagram.


Discuss the largest planet in our solar system.

Jigsaw Art:

Share a jigsaw puzzle that is also a work of art.

Jelly Roll:

Bring in a tasty jelly roll dessert to share.


Discuss the medieval sport of jousting.

Japanese Tea Ceremony:

Explain the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Jumping Rope Rhymes:

Share fun jumping rope rhymes and games.

Jester Hat:

Display a jester hat and talk about its history.


Share a travel journal or photos from a recent journey.


Discuss the common blue jay and its characteristics.

Jazz Festivals:

Talk about famous jazz festivals around the world.


Show a pocket or diving jackknife and discuss their uses.


Share the folklore of the jackalope, a mythical creature.


Recite Lewis Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky.”

Jet Lag:

Explain what jet lag is and how to deal with it.

Jute Fiber:

Talk about jute as a natural fiber used in various products.

Japanese Gardens:

Share pictures or information about Japanese gardens.

Jigsaw Artwork:

Show a jigsaw puzzle of a famous artwork.

Jazzercise Outfit:

Wear a jazzercise outfit and explain its components.

Jai Alai:

Discuss the sport of jai alai and its origins.


Talk about the profession of horse racing jockeys.

Jungle Book:

Share the story of “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling.

Jeweled Crown:

Display a toy jeweled crown and talk about royalty.

Japanese Food:

Prepare and share a Japanese dish like sushi or tempura.


Share different types of juices and their health benefits.

Jester’s Stick:

Display a jester’s stick or baton used in performances.

Jazz Hands:

Demonstrate the classic “jazz hands” dance move.

Jack-o’-Lantern Carving Kit:

Show tools used for carving jack-o’-lanterns.

Jigsaw Puzzle Table:

Display a special table designed for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts.

Jet Propulsion:

Explain the concept of jet propulsion with diagrams.

Juggling Pins:

Show juggling pins and demonstrate juggling skills.

Japanese Kimono:

Display a traditional Japanese kimono.

Jukebox Hits:

Play songs from a jukebox hits compilation.

Jet Skiing Video:

Show a video of jet skiing adventures.

Jumping Bean:

Share information about Mexican jumping beans.

Jazz Poster:

Display a vintage jazz concert poster.

Jackfruit Chips:

Share jackfruit chips as a snack.

Jungle Sound Effects:

Play sounds of the jungle, like bird calls or animal noises.

Jurassic Fossils:

Share pictures or models of dinosaur fossils.

These show and tell ideas should provide plenty of options for a creative and informative presentation centered around the letter “J.”