6 Fun Fall Crafts Ideas

6 Fun Fall Crafts Ideas We’re entering the holiday season, and perhaps a favorite family tradition is the fun crafts that come along with fall and winter. As the weather cools down, you may be spending more time indoors. Take some time with your kiddos to get creative and make memories together.

Apple Stamps

 Cut a couple of apples in half. One half is for snacking and the other half is a stamp! Paint the inside of the apple orange and stamp pumpkins onto paper. After they dry, add stems and fun faces. You can also draw tree trunks and use red, orange and yellow paint to stamp leaves.

Juice Carton Ghost House -Spooky Fun Fall Craft Ideas

Clean an empty half-gallon juice carton. Cut out windows and a door. Paint the outside dark brown or black and the inside orange. Then decorate using spider webs, eyeballs, pumpkins and your imagination. Place a battery-operated candle on the inside to create a spooky glow!

Spider Web Art

Use white crayons to draw intricate spider web designs on white copy paper or paper plates. Then, use watercolor paint to create colorful designs on top of the crayon. The spider webs will show through and the watercolor paint will blend colors together for unique art.

Paper Bag Monsters

Find colorful paper bags in the giftwrap section of most stores and googley eyeballs in the craft section. Place the eyes on what would be the bottom of the bag. Decorate using paint, colorful paper and crayons. Make your monster as silly or scary as you want and then have fun using them as puppets!

Candy Corn Footprints 

(hint, these make awesome gifts for grandparents!!) Have a tickly fun time painting the bottom of your little one’s feet white, orange and yellow like candy corn. Press their foot onto black paper leaving a candy corn footprint! Add googly eyes and a smiley face for the finishing touch.

Hoot-Hoot Owls

Use toilet paper rolls to make adorable owls. Cut out or fold over one of the open ends to make ears. Use construction paper to create feathers, wings, eyes and much more. Use your creativity to make other creatures out of the rolls—cats, snowmen, witches, pumpkins and more!

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