Did thebabyspot.ca just say Christmas? Yes we did! What better way to start your holiday (or if you do not celebrate Christmas, your New Year) with some great reads!

Roaming Reindeer

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For those of you gearing up for the Christmas Season, start a new tradition in your family with Roaming Reindeer. This beautiful storybook is accompanied by two plus reindeer to encourage your children to use good behavior during the Christmas Season.

Roaming Reindeer Cover

When one reindeer goes missing, he’s off to tell Santa who has been naughty and nice. Not only is this book a great read, but it comes in a traditional keepsake box for its holiday season debut.  Keep these two plus reindeer in your living room this Christmas and repack in the keepsake box to be used again and again!

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Roaming Reindeer product shot


Author Angela Meju

Author Angela Meju

2. My Yellow Balloon

Ages 4-9, Oct 2014, Minoan Moon Publishing, $18.99, www.myyellowballoon.com

This award winning book is a must have for your child’s personal library! When a little boy loses his best friend (a bright yellow balloon) at the local carnival, he deals with love, loss and grief. The talented Tiffany Papageorge uses this metaphor to help children deal with loss in words that they can understand. If your child or your family are going through a hardship, this book can help them relate and have the tools to move forward with their problems. Not to mention illustrator Erwin Madrid, who was a former DreamWorks “Shrek” artist, puts Papageorge’s words to life with these beautiful illustrations.  This is a great one for the family book shelf.

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3. This is the Greatest Place!

This Is the Greatest Place (1)
Ages 5-9, Oct 2014, China Institute/ Tuttle Publishing, $12.95, www.walfc.org

What a wonderful book for young children to learn about Beijing’s Forbidden City! Teach your children about this fascinating landmark and learn how nature can influence our perception. Animals and people can live in harmony just as within the Forbidden City. We love the lift-flaps which will engage your young children. The colourful illustrations ties beautifully with the writing! Not only a fun book but educational too!


4. In the Forbidden City

In The Forbidden City (1)

Ages 9+, Oct 2014, China Institute/ Tuttle Publishing, $19.95, www.walfc.org

This book is fantastic for older children who are interested in history and Chinese culture. In The Forbidden City is a highly detailed line drawing book where your little one learns about Beijing’s Forbidden City buildings, gardens and courtyards. Both parents and children alike will peer into the lens of the Forbidden City, being immersed in its rulers, history architecture and culture. This book comes with a small lens so you can stare even closer at the magnificent detail of the book. This is perfect for a classroom or your own home!

  The Principle Gang series

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Ages 4-11, The Dugi Group, $14.95 each, www.theprinciplegang.com

Bullying amongst children is something that must be addressed. How do we handle a bully? How do we avoid being a bully? These and many more answers lie in the exciting series of The Principle Gang. This 6 book series teaches many important anti-bullying lessons. It also encourages children to talk to a trusted adult. Open the conversation of bullying with your children by getting all 6 of the Principle Gang Series. Its fun (we love when they go to New York City!) and learn to build safe community by always playing fair. Fall in love with these book by Dan Dugi Jr.  and Bli Marston Dugi. Illustrator Andrea Vitali has bright and colourful illustrations through out the book.

The Principle Gange Book 1 (1) The Principle Gang Book 2

These two books are just fresh in print so visit their website today!

Book 1: Don’t Judge a Lizard by His Scales (Aug 2014)
Book 2: Wizard Lizard Rides the Subway (Oct 2014)