We thought we knew ‘water,’ Until we had Zero Water. It does sound like a funny thing to say, that water is exactly that, water. But you can find traces of many things in your water, including but not limited to, lead, mercury and chromium. Things you may or may not be able to taste and things that can affect your health.

Zero Water is here to help! Certified to reduce lead, mercury and chromium, Zero Water is a water filter, dedicated to you and your family getting MORE out of your water.

Zero Water has a 5 stage filtration system that is FDA Approved for purified bottled water! Our children deserve lead free water. Zero Water promotes the removal of 99.6% of dissolved solids. Zero Water also offers a digital TDS water meter with some of its products, which measures the total dissolved solids in water.

All Zero Water products are made with BPA free plastic. They have a quick colour change indicator on when you can change your recyclable filter. Their pitcher boasts that it is the only filter certified to reduce lead in chromium within filtered water.


We have tried a number of Zero Water Products

Zero Water 23 Cup Dispenser


The Zero Water 23 Cup Dispenser fits neatly in your fridge so your family can grab water when they like! Your children can now use the easy button to pour themselves a glass of water after that big game or during a homework session. This easy to fill cup dispenser is a dream for any family. It provides you with over 20% more capacity than leading brand dispensers.


Zero Water 10 Cup Filter Pitcher


The Zero Water 10 Cup Filter Pitcher is a perfect fit for your fridge! Bring it out for dinner time and fill it again in the evening for fresh water the next day! This is perfect for a big or small family who loves their fresh clean water!




Zero Water Portable Filtration 26 Ounce Tumbler (769 ml)


For families on the go, the Zero Water Portable Filtration 26 ounce Tumbler is perfect! Have fresh water right after that big football game or when everyone is leaving for school. This is perfect for families who are going to school, work or even taking with you on vacation. We recommend Zero Water to all of our readers . We are so impressed that we think it would a portable filtration is so important for families as is the pitcher filter. Get the size that works best for your family today!

Get the water you deserve! Buy Zero Water, found at many of these stores.