7 Benefits Of Doing Baby Yoga For Mom and Baby


Motherhood and the coming of a firstborn and every other child after that, count as defining moments in any woman’s life.  Although many romantic quotes have been thrown left and right about motherhood, the adjustments that have to be made do not come easily.


7 Reasons Why You And Your Baby Should Be Taking Yoga Classes Together


Still contemplating on whether or not you should sign up yourself and your baby for Mommy and Me Yoga Class?  Allow us to nudge you forward with these 7 compelling reasons why you should be doing yoga with your baby the soonest possible time that you can:


Reason No. 1: Yoga creates a special bond between you and your body.  For decades now, the therapeutic effect of a mother’s touch to her baby has been regarded to be essential in brain and emotional development, most especially on a baby’s first year of life. Baby

massaging is one way to achieve that but, so too does mom and baby yoga creates moments where babies and moms are touching each other in specific yoga poses.


Sienna Miller once related her experience of motherhood: “I was overwhelmed by how normal it felt. It was like, ‘There you are – that’s what I have been missing.’ Like we’re both in on something only we know. An amazing sense of being complicit with a little being.” Yoga helps create that secret place that only you and your baby know about.


Reason No. 2: Mom and baby yoga classes ease you back into performing physical exercises while also allowing your baby to get more physical.  Even as a neonate, your baby can benefit from stretching activities which, for your child, is really playtime.  Encouraging more activity into your and your baby’s schedule benefits your health and that of your baby’s too.


The fact is, there is no evidence pointing out that yoga specifically results to exercise benefits for your baby, and that means any form of physical activity will enhance your baby’s health and help yours bounce back as well. The beauty of yoga is that it allows you both to do that at the same time while also considering your health and strength level following delivery.


Reason No. 3: Yoga brings happiness to you and to your baby.  Exercise generally brings good stress to your body and releases happy hormones that relieves bad stress. The same benefits are reaped by your baby when you do yoga together. To you, yoga may be a form of exercise but, from your baby’s point-of-view, it is a form of play — and your child does get a good time being lifted, stretched and swayed around in special mom and baby yoga poses.


Reason No. 4: Yoga poses enhance your baby’s digestive activity.  That, in turn, relieves you from the stress of dealing with a misbehaving baby and the frantic search for a cause and solution to stop a baby from crying.  Yoga poses help your baby relax and release gas to ease and prevent cholic.


Reason No. 5: Regular yoga improves your baby’s nap time.  Increasing your baby’s physical activity and waking time generally enhances your child’s sleep, and yours too.  When baby sleeps better, you have more time to relax yourself, either taking your own much-needed break from child-rearing or, simply having a quiet time doing your daily chores.


Reason No. 6: Yoga enhances brain activity.  This benefit more particularly points to you. Your body has been under tremendous stress and pressure for a full year.  That made you crave more food and more sleep than when you weren’t pregnant for good reasons — you needed more energy. Unfortunately, sleeplessness persists months, probably even a few years after delivery, most especially when you breastfeed.


Yoga and meditation can help you calm down and relax your mind. It gives you time and space to just be in the moment and to stop worrying about how motherhood is unfolding for you. By relieving your mind of worries, you allow your brain to feel rejuvenated which, in turn, helps enhance your brain activity.




Reason No. 7: Mom and Baby Yoga Class makes you both become more social.  Studies have shown that building human connections and nurturing relationships make people happier. Attending classes allows your baby to socialize with other neonates, and you, with other mothers.



With grace, patience and confidence, a mother learns to become a mom on her own. Recently, yoga has been helping ease moms and their babies create a special connection, one that you can have too when you become part of a yoga class.




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