By: April Davis, Founder of Cupid’s Cronies , a high end matchmaking service with offices across the US.

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In marriage it can be hard to find time to put into your relationship.  After all, between kids and work, you’re exhausted.  In order to have a healthy and happy relationship though, it’s necessary to never stop dating your spouse and never stop treating the relationship like it’s own being. It needs nurturing just like anything else in life.  It’s actually good for you to take a break from the kids from time to time, because a break can recharge you and make you a better parent. You won’t regret the having a date night and putting energy into your relationship to connect with your best friend, your partner.  Here are a couple ideas you can do on your next date night.

Personality quiz night

Make this the night you learn something new about each other.  You can both learn about love languages and take the quiz to learn what your’s is.  Another interesting test is the Enneagram.  You can really learn a lot about yourself and how you relate to others as well as your partner and their relationship tendencies.

Spa night

Even guys like a good pampering from time to time. Light some candles and put on the relaxing music. Grab both of your favorite books or magazines and some herbal tea or champagne. You can get his and her manicure/pedicure sets. Start by first exfoliating your face then put on a facial mask while soaking your feet in warm water. Next you can do pedicure/manicures. Once you take the mask off apply the toner, then moisturizer.  Don’t forget the salt scrub for your hands and feet.

Bathtub fun

Fill up the tub, pour some bubble bath, light some candles and get in.  You can even bring in the laptop with a movie to watch while you’re soaking or you could just do that other fun thing that adults like to do 😉 Why not do both?

Italian Theme night

Make a pizza or make pitas (Mini Pita Bread/Pocket Bread for Bases, Tomato Paste, Cheese and your favorite toppings).  Also, pick up some gellato, a bottle of Pelligrino and wine.  Finally, put in an Italian themed movie (It’s a beautiful life, Godfather, etc.) and enjoy in the living room.

Put on a fashion show

Guys love to see their women strut their stuff. Get a bottle of wine and go through your closet and try on all your favorite dresses, outfits, and maybe even the undergarments if you dare and if you make it that far 😉

Exercise or Hot tub and sauna

Not only is it healthy for you, but it’s kind of fun and sexy to work up a sweat with your lover.  The health benefits of exercising are countless and it’s well known you’ll be more attractive and and attracted to your significant other after a workout.

Play a game

Maybe it’s a board game or maybe even a good old fashioned truth or dare session. Playing together will not only bring you closer together, but it’s fun to have a little healthy competition.  Bring some snacks and some wine and let the games begin.