Letter D Show and Tell – When a teacher introduces show and tell to their students, it opens up a world of public speaking, learning about your peers and new subjects, and speaking about something your child loves. The amount of joy and skill sets your child learns is insurmountable. Show and tell is popular around classrooms and daycares! However, sometimes a teacher will assign a specific letter to a child. They would bring in a treasured item that starts with the assigned letter.

We have you covered for show and tell letters A to Z. Here are the letter D Show and tell letters with descriptions to help you find the perfect item to bring in to class.

Letter D Show and Tell Ideas With Descriptions

Here are 85 show and tell ideas for the letter “D,” along with brief descriptions for each:

Dinosaur Fossil:

A replica or picture of a dinosaur fossil to talk about prehistoric creatures.


Share your favorite word or learn a new one from a dictionary.


Discuss myths and legends involving dragons while showing a dragon figurine.

Doll Collection:

Show off a collection of dolls from various cultures.


Demonstrate your drumming skills or talk about different types of drums.


Bring in a homemade dessert to share and discuss the recipe.


Introduce your pet dog and discuss its breed, personality, and care.

Dance Routine:

Perform a short dance routine or share your passion for dancing.


Present a fake or real diamond and talk about its value and uses.


Explain the origin and purpose of dreamcatchers from Native American culture.


Show your dartboard and discuss the rules and strategies of the game.


Share a dandelion flower and talk about its life cycle.


Create a miniature scene in a shoebox to depict a specific place or event.


Discuss how drones work and show a demonstration if possible.

Disney Memorabilia:

Display Disney-themed items like toys, books, or collectibles.

Doctor’s Kit:

Pretend to be a doctor and showcase a toy doctor’s kit.

Declaration of Independence:

Discuss its historical significance and show a replica.


Make homemade playdough and talk about the creative possibilities.


Share facts about Dalmatian dogs, known for their spots.


Set up a domino display and explain the chain reaction concept.


Share information about dolphins and their habitat.

Duct Tape Crafts:

Display crafts made with colorful duct tape.

DeLorean Model:

If you have one, show a model of the iconic DeLorean car from “Back to the Future.”

Desert Ecosystem:

Discuss desert plants, animals, and survival strategies.

Dental Hygiene:

Explain the importance of dental hygiene and show toothbrush and floss.

Da Vinci’s Inventions:

Discuss Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions and show sketches.

Disco Ball:

Bring a mini disco ball and discuss the disco era.

Dice Collection:

Share a collection of unique dice and explain their uses.

Dwarf Planet:

Talk about dwarf planets like Pluto and show images.

Djembe Drum:

Showcase this African hand drum and its cultural significance.

Diving Gear:

Explain scuba diving equipment and share photos from underwater adventures.

Doodle Art:

Display your doodle art or explain the art of doodling.

Dried Fruits:

Share various dried fruits and discuss their health benefits.

Dungeons & Dragons:

Discuss the popular role-playing game and show character sheets.

Detective Novel:

Share a detective novel and discuss the plot and characters.

Digital Camera:

Talk about photography and demonstrate your digital camera.

Dior Dress:

If you have one, showcase a miniature dress by Christian Dior.

Deep Sea Creatures:

Share pictures of bizarre deep-sea animals and discuss their adaptations.

DNA Model:

Show a DNA model and explain its structure.

Diorite Rock:

Display a diorite rock sample and discuss its composition.

Dried Leaves:

Share pressed leaves from different trees and identify them.


Present a topic and engage in a mini-debate to demonstrate public speaking.

Daredevil Stunt:

Discuss famous daredevil stunts and show related memorabilia.

Dutch Culture:

Share aspects of Dutch culture, like wooden shoes or tulip bulbs.


Discuss the famous vampire character and show related books or movies.

Dried Herbs:

Share dried herbs and explain their culinary and medicinal uses.

Diorama of a Rainforest:

Create a rainforest diorama with toy animals and plants.

Dalmatian Costume:

Dress up as a Dalmatian and talk about the breed.

Dune Buggy Model:

Show a model of a dune buggy and discuss off-road adventures.

Dental X-rays:

Explain how dental X-rays work and show a sample X-ray.

Dream Journal:

Share your dream journal and discuss the importance of dreams.


Talk about different types of drapes and their uses in interior design.

Doughnut Tasting:

Bring in a variety of doughnuts to taste and rate.

Dodgeball Game:

Discuss the rules and play a mini dodgeball game.

Dissection Kit:

If age-appropriate, show a dissection kit and discuss biology.

Dam Construction:

Explain how dams are built and their purposes.

Diving Board:

Discuss swimming and diving while showing a miniature diving board.


Share information about dragonflies and their unique features.

Decorative Plates:

Showcase decorative plates and their cultural significance.

Doppler Radar:

Explain how Doppler radar works for weather forecasting.

Dugout Canoe Model:

Show a model of a Native American dugout canoe.

Dust Collection:

Talk about dust and allergies, and show a dust collector.

Dental Braces:

Discuss orthodontic braces and their impact on oral health.

Dried Flowers:

Share dried flower arrangements and discuss preservation methods.

Digital Art:

Display digital artwork and discuss the creative process.

Disco Music:

Play a disco song and discuss its history and influence.

Decimal System:

Explain the decimal number system with examples.

Ductwork Model:

Display a miniature ductwork system and discuss HVAC.

Diatomaceous Earth:

Show this natural substance and discuss its uses.

Doodle Animation:

Create a simple doodle animation to demonstrate creativity.

Dolphin Sounds:

Play recorded dolphin sounds and explain their communication.

Doodle Puzzle:

Showcase a puzzle with doodle-like patterns and solve it.

Diorama of Desert Wildlife:

Create a desert wildlife diorama with toy animals.

Dynamo Flashlight:

Show a hand-cranked dynamo flashlight and explain its mechanism.

Dentist’s Chair:

If available, show a dentist’s chair and discuss dental visits.

Delorean Time Machine:

Discuss the DeLorean time machine from “Back to the Future.”

Desert Sand Sample:

Display sand samples from different deserts and compare them.

Dried Fruit Art:

Create art using dried fruit pieces and discuss the process.

Dowsing Rod:

Explain dowsing and show a dowsing rod in action.


Share a dollhouse and discuss miniature interior design.

Dog Agility Course:

Set up a mini dog agility course and demonstrate with a toy dog.

Diving Hand Signals:

Explain scuba diving hand signals and their importance.

Dragon Fruit:

Show a dragon fruit and discuss its unique appearance and taste.

Digital Painting Tutorial:

Create a digital painting and explain the techniques.


Discuss the concept of doppelgängers and share look-alike photos.

These show and tell ideas for the letter “D” cover a wide range of topics and interests, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.