Pumpkins After Dark 2023 – Milton is the home to everything Pumpkins! Canada’s largest outdoor Halloween event is back for everyone to have a spooktacular time! Located at Country Hertiage Park in Milton, Ontario, families from all around are excited to walk the grounds and see the fabulous pumpkins.

We were invited to check out the events and see the spooky sights so we want to fill you in on this incredible experience for your entire family!

What’s Happening

With over 10,000 hand carved pumpkins, this one of a kind walk is a unique, Halloween experience! It is a walk through experience that is friendly for people of all ages and all abilities.

The walk is flat land so there is no grade, hills, or difficult movements needed. It is stroller, walker and wheel chair friendly.

We saw amazing displays like the Pumpkin Walk which is so perfect for your family photo or Instagram post.

Each display, like the Pumpkin Dragon, really made people’s eyes light up. From pumpkin imitations to famous artworks to some spooktactular set ups, there is so much to see and do! Snacks are also available so you can taste your favourite treats while enjoying this perfect time out.

The whole walk can take about 45 minutes. It is walk through only. You can stand to enjoy each exhibit! There is just so much to see.

What’s New

There are a lot of new fun features and things to do at the Pumpkins After Dark! Firstly, every Wednesday is a pet friendly day. Pets are welcomed to come on the wonderful walk at Pumpkins After Dark.

Secondly, Flex Passes are available. That means that your flex pass is valid for any day/time. This is great for families who want to go, but want the flexibility to choose their day without booking well in advance.

Enjoy the new live pumpkin carving demonstrations! Watch and see if you have learned any top tips from the professionals.

More Instagram worthy spots will be available. There are some great spots that are too good not to be missed.

90% New Content- If you have been to the Pumpkins After Dark before, you are going to love these wonderful new displays.

Make sure to stop by the new SpookEasy. This is such a great space to try some new beverages by Partake Brewing.

What To Expect

Once you have chosen your ticket time, you can arrive at the free parking. Parking attendants are extremely kind and efficient, making sure everyone gets a spot. You will then walk to the main entrance for your ticket validation. Afterwards, you will find yourself walking amongst the pumpkin displays, enjoying the show! Attendants are around to help if you need anything at all! This is some of the friendliest staff around!

As mentioned above, the walk is on flat ground. We found it to be stroller friendly and friendly to those with accessibilities. This includes those who use a wheelchair and those who use a walker.

There is a enough space to stop and admire the displays. They are gorgeous to look at and there is a lot of fine detail in each one that you are going to enjoy. It takes about 45 minutes to complete your walk journey going at a reasonable pace. Stay a little longer or go a little faster if desired!

We recommend bundling up, autumn is upon us and it does get cooler as this location is near Kelso. Don’t worry and bring gloves and Fall jackets.

Is Pumpkins After Dark Worth It

Absolutely! Pumpkins After Dark is not only Canada’s largest outdoor Halloween Event, but they also have changed a lot of their displays, bringing new ideas and sites to see. Make this an annual trek to some spooktacular pumpkin displays!