Leapland Adventures Learning Video Game

As one of the most exciting toys of the year, Leapland Adventures Learning Video Game gives your child hours of fun and learning! It’s time for your child to go on an exciting adventure to Clever Castle.

leapland adventures controller

Leapland Adventures

New by Leapfrog, here is a learning adventure that is easy to set up and fun to play! This cool wireless conroller and HDMU Game Stick is all your little one needs to begin exploring the over 150 learning items in this game. All you have to do is plug in and being your child’s gaming adventure!

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What We Love

Children are going to love that they get to enjoy the citizens of Leapland decorate the castle to celebrate the upcoming Gem Festival. Your little one has to find the missing keys to the castle and must go on quests to find each and every key. Each task teaches your children about numbers, letters, shapes and colors. You can also save your game progress and even have up to five different game profiles. This is great for small and big families alike! Everyone gets to learn something.

Parents will also enjoy how easy it is for your child to play and learn. They get to learn all about shapes, numbers, letters and colors while practicing their fine motor skills learning how to use the simple wireless controller.

Children will love the games, the bright colors and the amazing story which makes it like they are not working at all! Leapland Adventures Learning Video Game makes sure your little one is having fun and learning!

leapland adventures main screen

Parents, it is also to be noted that you don’t have to make extra purchases for your child to unlock anything or play the game. It is secure and safe and has no downloads. It is filled with learning information and hours of fun. Additionally, it is age appropriate. You don’t have to worry about your children seeing anything that is out of their age range. This is a safe space.

This is great for ages 3 and up. Your preschooler will feel like a big kid playing video games and learning at the same time!

Leapland Adventures A Great Gift

This is a great game for children. It makes a great birthday gift, Christmas gift or a learning aid for those children who need to have some fun while they are learning. Let your child explore Clever Castle and Get ready for the Gem Festival!