Letter I Show and Tell Ideas – Show and Tell is an exciting time in your child’s school or daycare. A child gets to bring an item from home and share what they know about it in front of the class.

Letter I Show and Tell Ideas with Descriptions

Here are 85 show and tell ideas that start with the letter “I,” along with brief descriptions for each:

Igloo Model:

Bring a miniature igloo to show how some people in cold regions build their homes.

Insects Collection:

Display various insects you’ve collected or preserved.

Interactive Globe:

Show a globe that lights up and allows you to explore countries and capitals.


Share a musical instrument you play or one you find interesting.


Bring different scented incense sticks and discuss their origins.

Illustrated Book:

Share a beautifully illustrated book and talk about the story.

Iron Ore Sample:

Display a sample of iron ore and explain its importance in industry.

Ice Cream Maker:

Show how an ice cream maker works and maybe even bring some homemade ice cream.

Ivory Carving:

If you have a small ivory carving, discuss its history and significance.

Indian Artifacts:

Share Native American artifacts or items from India.


Discuss a famous invention and its impact on society.


Show pictures or a model of your favorite island and describe its features.

Independence Day Celebration:

Share your experience of celebrating Independence Day in your country.

Icicle Collection:

Display a collection of icicles from different places.

Illusion Magic:

Perform a simple illusion or magic trick.

Instant Camera:

Show an old-fashioned instant camera and some photos you’ve taken.

Iceberg Model:

Create a model of an iceberg to demonstrate how they float.

International Flags:

Display flags from different countries and explain their symbolism.

Ice Skates:

If you’re a skater, bring your ice skates and share your experiences.

Illustrated Map:

Show a map with interesting illustrations and tell stories about the places.

Inca Artifacts:

Display replicas or pictures of Inca civilization artifacts.

Iridescent Objects:

Bring objects with iridescent colors and explain the science behind them.

Inflatable Toys:

Share your favorite inflatable toys and explain their use.

Island Animals: Present information about animals unique to islands.

Italian Cuisine:

Prepare and share a small Italian dish, such as pizza or pasta.

Inspirational Quotes:

Share quotes that inspire you and explain why.


If you have an incubator for hatching eggs, demonstrate it.

Inuit Culture:

Discuss the culture and traditions of the Inuit people.

Ice Fishing Gear:

Show equipment used for ice fishing and explain the process.

Invasive Species:

Discuss the impact of invasive species on ecosystems.

Incandescent Light Bulb:

Show how a traditional incandescent bulb works.

Icebergs and Titanic:

Talk about the sinking of the Titanic and its connection to icebergs.

Insect Habitats:

Display insect habitats you’ve created for observation.

Insect Life Cycle:

Explain the life cycle of a specific insect with visuals.

Infrared Photography:

Share infrared photographs and explain the technique.

Ice Cream Toppings:

Bring a variety of ice cream toppings for a tasty demonstration.

International Dance:

Perform a traditional dance from another country.

Inventor Biography:

Present a biography of a famous inventor.

Indian Dance:

Perform a classical Indian dance or share information about it.

Iguana Pet:

Show your pet iguana and discuss its care requirements.

Iconic Landmarks:

Share information about iconic landmarks from around the world.

Ice Sculpture:

Create a small ice sculpture or show pictures of impressive ice sculptures.

Impressionist Art:

Share and discuss the works of famous Impressionist painters.

Illness Prevention:

Talk about ways to prevent illnesses like the flu or COVID-19.

Infinity Symbol:

Discuss the concept of infinity and its symbol.

Incubation Period:

Explain the incubation period of various animals.

International Festivals:

Share your experience of attending international festivals.

Ice Climbing Gear:

Display gear used for ice climbing and discuss the sport.


Share and explain common idioms from different languages. This is great for older children who speak different languages.

Internet Safety:

Discuss internet safety tips and the importance of online security.

Iconic Cars:

Show model cars representing iconic automobile designs.

Indigenous Art:

Display artwork created by indigenous people from your region.

Insect Taxonomy:

Explain the classification of insects and show examples.

Iceman Discovery:

Discuss the discovery of the Ötzi the Iceman and its significance.

Illuminated Manuscripts:

Share information about illuminated medieval manuscripts.

Indigenous Instruments:

Present traditional musical instruments from indigenous cultures.

Ice Cream History:

Talk about the history of ice cream and its evolution.

Invasive Plant Species:

Discuss the impact of invasive plants on ecosystems.

Intergalactic Travel:

Explore the concept of intergalactic travel and space exploration.

International Flags Quiz:

Test your audience’s knowledge with a flag quiz.

Interactive Art:

Create interactive art that your audience can participate in.

Iceberg Calving:

Show a video of iceberg calving and explain the process.

Ice Age Creatures:

Share information about creatures that lived during the Ice Age.

International Space Station (ISS):

Discuss the ISS and its role in space exploration.

Indigenous Languages:

Teach a few words or phrases from indigenous languages.

Inspirational People:

Share stories of inspirational people who made a difference.

Incendiary Devices:

Discuss the history and types of incendiary devices.

Insect Mimicry:

Show insects that use mimicry for survival.

International Cuisine:

Prepare dishes from different countries and discuss their flavors.

Inuit Games:

Explain traditional Inuit games and maybe even demonstrate one.

Indoor Gardening:

Show your indoor garden and discuss plant care.

Invention Timeline:

Create a timeline of important inventions in history.

Imaginary Creatures:

Draw or describe imaginary creatures you’ve created.

Ice Age Artifacts:

Share artifacts from the Ice Age and discuss their significance.

Infrared Technology:

Explain how infrared technology is used in various applications. This is great for your STEM loving elementary school student.

International Music:

Share music from different cultures and discuss its significance.

Invasive Species Control:

Talk about methods to control invasive species.

Ice Cream Science:

Explain the science behind making ice cream.

Inclusive Games:

Share games that promote inclusivity and teamwork.

Indigenous Rights:

Discuss the rights and struggles of indigenous communities.

Ice Age Extinctions:

Explain the extinctions that occurred during the Ice Age.

Inventions of Tomorrow:

Discuss futuristic inventions and their potential impact.

Interesting Facts:

Share a series of interesting facts about a particular topic.

Instagram Photography:

Showcase your photography skills on Instagram.

Interactive Maps:

Use interactive maps to explore geographical features.

These show-and-tell ideas starting with the letter “I” cover a wide range of topics and can be tailored to different age groups and interests. Choose one that piques your curiosity or suits the occasion.