Letter H Show and Tell Ideas – Show and Tell is so much fun for children. Firstly, they get to show off some of their favorite things. Secondly, they get to learn about new objects and experiences from their peers. Sometimes, a teacher will assign each student a letter of the alphabet. They have to find an object that matches the assigned letter and present it to the class. Here are some great letter H show-and-tell ideas with descriptions for your inspiration.

Letter H Show and Tell Ideas With Descriptions

Here are 85 show and tell ideas related to the letter “H” along with brief descriptions for each:

Halloween Costume:

Show off your favorite Halloween costume and explain why you like it.

Helicopter Model:

Display a model helicopter and share interesting facts about helicopters.

Hiking Gear:

Bring in hiking equipment like boots, a backpack, or a map, and talk about your hiking experiences.


If you have a pet hedgehog, introduce it and discuss its habits and care.


Share a jar of honey and explain how it’s made by bees.

History Book:

Present a history book and discuss a historical event or figure.


Play a few tunes on a harmonica and talk about how it works.

Hawaiian Shirt:

Show off a colorful Hawaiian shirt and discuss its design and origins.

Hot Air Balloon:

Bring a small model hot air balloon and explain the science of hot air balloons.

Hula Hoop:

Demonstrate your hula hooping skills and discuss its history.


If it’s allowed, bring toy handcuffs and talk about how real ones work.


Show your favorite hairbrush and discuss its features.


Bring a portable hammock and explain how it’s used for relaxation.

Hummingbird Feeder:

Display a hummingbird feeder and share facts about hummingbirds.

Hockey Puck:

Bring a hockey puck and explain the game of hockey.


Share holographic images or objects and discuss the technology behind them.

Hedge Trimmer:

Talk about garden maintenance and show a hedge trimmer.

Hippopotamus Figurine:

Display a hippo figurine and discuss these large animals.

Hospital Badge:

Explain the importance of hospital badges and their functions.

Horoscope Book:

Share a horoscope book and discuss astrology.

Hydroponic System:

If you have one, display a small hydroponic system and talk about growing plants without soil.


Present a horseshoe and discuss its use in luck and sports.


Show a set of colorful highlighters and explain how they are used for studying.

Hamster Cage:

If you have a pet hamster, showcase its cage and talk about caring for it.

Healthy Snack:

Share a healthy snack like fruit slices and discuss the importance of nutrition.


Bring your headphones and explain how they work for listening to music.

Hiking Map:

Display a hiking map and discuss your favorite hiking trails.

Hair Accessories:

Show various hair accessories and discuss their styles.

Herb Garden:

If you have one, display your herb garden and talk about growing herbs.

Heirloom Jewelry:

Share a piece of heirloom jewelry and discuss its history.

Horse Figurine:

Display a horse figurine and talk about different horse breeds.

Hurricane Model:

Create a hurricane model and explain how hurricanes form.

Harbor Picture:

Show a picture of a harbor and discuss maritime activities.

Homemade Craft:

Share a craft you made at home and explain the process.

Historical Artifact:

If available, bring a historical artifact and share its significance.

Heart-shaped Pillow:

Display a heart-shaped pillow and discuss its symbolism.

Hiking Stick:

Show your hiking stick and talk about its benefits on the trail.

Healthy Smoothie:

Prepare a healthy smoothie and discuss the ingredients.

Hermit Crab:

If you have a hermit crab, introduce it and discuss its habitat.

Harvest Basket:

Display a basket of fresh produce and discuss gardening.

Harp Music:

Play a small harp or share harp music and talk about this musical instrument.

Hiking Badge:

Explain the concept of earning hiking badges and show any you’ve earned.

House Plant:

Show a houseplant and discuss its care requirements.

Halloween Decorations:

Share spooky Halloween decorations and discuss the holiday.

Hyena Picture:

Show a picture of a hyena and discuss these unique animals.

Hospital Equipment:

If possible, display a non-medical piece of hospital equipment and explain its use.

Hiking Journal:

Share a hiking journal and talk about documenting outdoor adventures.

Heritage Flag:

Display a flag representing your heritage and explain its symbolism.

Haircutting Scissors:

Show haircutting scissors and discuss the importance of professional haircuts.

Habitat Diorama:

Create a diorama of an animal’s habitat and explain the ecosystem.

Holiday Card:

Share a holiday card and discuss the significance of sending cards.

Homemade Soap:

Display homemade soap and discuss the soap-making process.

Hockey Stick:

Show a hockey stick and discuss the game of hockey.

Hydrangea Flowers:

Display hydrangea flowers and discuss their unique color-changing abilities.

Harvested Vegetables:

Display vegetables you’ve harvested and discuss gardening.

Hammurabi’s Code:

Share information about Hammurabi’s Code and its historical significance.

Harvest Moon:

Show a picture of a harvest moon and explain its occurrence.

Hat Collection:

Display a collection of hats and discuss their styles and uses.

Handmade Jewelry:

Share handmade jewelry and discuss the art of jewelry making.

Hiking Boots:

Display a pair of hiking boots and discuss their features.

Historical Costume:

Dress in a historical costume and talk about the era it represents.

Helium Balloon:

Share a helium balloon and discuss the properties of helium.

Hot Wheels Cars:

Display a collection of Hot Wheels cars and discuss their designs.

Horse Riding Gear:

Show horse riding gear and discuss equestrian sports.


Share information about hieroglyphics and ancient Egyptian writing.

Hut Model:

Create a model of a hut and discuss different types of dwellings.

Homemade Jam:

Share homemade jam and discuss the process of making preserves.

Hurricane Preparedness Kit:

Display items from a hurricane preparedness kit and explain their importance.

Harbor Seal Picture:

Show a picture of a harbor seal and discuss marine life.

Hiking Safety Gear:

Display safety gear for hiking and discuss outdoor safety.

Hawk Feather:

If you have one, share a hawk feather and discuss bird identification.

Hedge Maze Map:

Display a map of a hedge maze and talk about navigating mazes.

Horseshoe Art:

Share art made from horseshoes and discuss metalworking.

Homemade Bread:

Bring homemade bread and discuss the bread-making process.

Hot Chocolate Mix:

Share hot chocolate mix and discuss making hot cocoa.

Holographic Trading Cards:

Display holographic trading cards and discuss collecting.

Historical Reenactment Prop:

If you’re involved in historical reenactments, show a prop from your costume.

Hiking App:

Demonstrate a hiking app and discuss its features.

Hair Weave:

Discuss hair weaves and their cultural significance.

Handmade Pottery:

Share handmade pottery and discuss pottery techniques.

Harmonious Music:

Play music that you find harmonious and discuss the emotional impact of music.

Hobby Collection:

Display a collection related to your favorite hobby that starts with “H.”

Handcrafted Leather Goods:

Share handcrafted leather goods and discuss leatherworking.

Health Tracker:

Demonstrate a health tracker device and discuss its benefits.

Holiday Tradition:

Share a holiday tradition from your family or culture that starts with “H.”

These show and tell ideas with descriptions should help you choose the perfect topic that starts with the letter “H” for your presentation.