Letter P Show and Tell Ideas – Show and tell is such an exciting time for children at school. They get to bring in an item that they love or are interested in and tell their whole class a story about this item. Sometimes, we need an inspiration for our show and tell list. Here are the top letter P show and tell ideas.

letter p show and tell

Here are 85 show and tell ideas related to the letter “P,” along with brief descriptions for each:


Show a picture or toy of a penguin and talk about their habitat and lifestyle.


Share a painting you created or one by a famous artist, discussing the colors and techniques used.


Play a short piece on a piano or showcase a miniature piano model.


Present a model of a planet from our solar system and share interesting facts about it.


Bring in homemade or store-bought pancakes and discuss your favorite toppings.


Show different types of pinecones and talk about the trees they come from.


Display a completed jigsaw puzzle and explain the process of solving it.


Perform a short puppet show or show off a collection of puppets.

Piggy Bank:

Share your piggy bank and discuss the importance of saving money.


Display a potato and discuss its various culinary uses.


Show a postcard from a different place and talk about where it’s from.


Bring in popcorn and discuss how it’s made and its popularity at movies.


Show different types of plants and explain their care requirements.


Display a collection of colorful pebbles and talk about where you found them.


Present a model of an ancient pyramid and discuss its history.


Share a memorable photograph and tell the story behind it.

Police Badge:

If allowed, display a toy police badge and discuss the role of police officers.

Pretend Play:

Demonstrate a short pretend play scenario, like being a chef or astronaut.


Show a kayak or canoe paddle and discuss water sports.

Polar Bear:

Share information about polar bears and their habitat.

Pluto (the dog):

If you have a Pluto stuffed animal or toy, discuss this famous Disney character.


Share a proverb and explain its meaning.

Paper Airplane:

Show how to fold and fly a paper airplane.


Display a pomegranate and discuss its health benefits.


Share a unique or decorated pencil and talk about its uses.

Princess Costume:

Dress up as a princess (or have someone do it) and share a story.


Display various pasta shapes and talk about different pasta dishes.


Show a colorful pinwheel and explain how it works.

Puppet Theater:

Create a mini puppet theater and perform a short show.

Pirate Hat:

Wear a pirate hat and discuss pirates and their adventures.

Plasticine Sculpture:

Showcase a sculpture made from plasticine or clay.


Share a bag of peanuts and talk about their nutritional value.

Pokémon Cards:

Display your favorite Pokémon cards and discuss their abilities.

Panda Bear:

Share information about panda bears and their conservation.

Painted Rock:

Display a rock you’ve painted and explain the design.


Showcase your handwriting skills and write a short message.

Pet Rabbit:

If you have a pet rabbit, introduce it and talk about its care.


Share a perfume bottle and discuss different scents.

Prayer Beads:

Explain the use of prayer beads in various religions.

Peacock Feathers:

Display colorful peacock feathers and discuss their symbolism.

Pirate Treasure Map:

Draw a pirate treasure map and explain the adventure.

Panda Puppet:

Perform a puppet show with a panda puppet.

Pencil Holder:

Display a creative pencil holder you made.

Painted Plate:

Show a plate you painted and describe the design.


If you have a pet parrot, introduce it and talk about its abilities. If you do not, show a video of parrot’s capabilities.

Pop-up Book:

Share a pop-up book and read a page from it.

Parachute Toy:

Demonstrate how a parachute toy works.


Share a short poem you wrote or one by a famous poet.

Plumbing Tools:

Display plumbing tools and explain their use.

Peas in a Pod:

Show a picture of peas in a pod and discuss family or friendship.


Create a small playdough sculpture and talk about the creative process.

Plastic Dinosaur:

Show a plastic dinosaur toy and discuss different dinosaur species.

Pirate Flag:

Design and display your own pirate flag.


Share a toy or model of a vintage phonograph and discuss its history.

Praying Mantis:

Display a picture or toy of a praying mantis and discuss its behavior.

Puppet Making:

Show how to make a simple sock puppet.

Paper Mache:

Display a paper mache art piece you created.


Discuss the art of puppetry and show a puppeteer in action.

Pirate Costume:

Dress up as a pirate and share pirate-themed items.

Pirate Ship:

Create a small pirate ship model and talk about pirate history.


Share information about the unique platypus.

Pencil Sharpener:

Display a unique pencil sharpener and explain its function.

Personal Journal:

Share a page from your personal journal (if appropriate).

Piano Sheet Music:

Showcase sheet music for a favorite piano piece.

Popsicle Stick Craft:

Display a craft made from popsicle sticks.

Peacock Art:

Display artwork featuring peacocks.

Puzzle Box:

Show a puzzle box and demonstrate how it opens.

Paper Quilling:

Display a paper quilling artwork.

Pocket Watch:

Share a pocket watch and discuss its history.


If possible, visit a planetarium and share your experience.

Polaroid Photo:

Show a polaroid photo and talk about its vintage appeal.


Display a pineapple and discuss its unique appearance and taste.


Bring in pretzels and discuss their history and flavors.

Princess Crown:

Wear a princess crown and discuss your favorite fairy tales.

Pirate Telescope:

Show a toy pirate telescope and discuss its use.


Display a small pumpkin and talk about its role in fall and Halloween.

Post-It Notes:

Show how to use post-it notes for reminders and organization.

Pasta Art:

Display artwork created using pasta shapes.

Pebble Art:

Showcase artwork made from colorful pebbles.

Paper Folding:

Demonstrate origami or other paper-folding techniques.

Puppet Storytelling:

Tell a story using puppets.

Prayer Flags:

Display prayer flags and explain their cultural significance.

Puzzle Solving:

Demonstrate your problem-solving skills with a puzzle.

Pirate’s Journal:

Create a pirate-themed journal entry and share it.

Plastic Pollution:

Discuss the importance of reducing plastic pollution and show eco-friendly alternatives.

These show and tell ideas related to the letter “P” cover a wide range of topics and interests,. They can be suitable for all age ranges as well!