A Baby In Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a reputation for its beautiful architecture, its relaxed laws and its red light district. However, Amsterdam is also an excellent family destination! There are endless things to do with your little ones and you can have a wonderful time to explore this beautiful city and its people.

We must first mention, that we were stopped a lot in Amsterdam, from friendly Dutch people of all ages to talk to our baby! She was one year old when we went and she was beginning to say small words. She came back learning “danku” (thank-you) which was adorable. Our one year old was treated so well! Here are some of the fun things we found in Amsterdam (there are too many to mention!) with a baby.

 Schiphol Airport

When waiting for a train or for your flight to leave, Schiphol is a visit itself. KLM airlines has done a wonderful job at keeping its visitors entertained instead of anticipating a big flight. They have an old KLM plane that your children can go into and they can even interact in the cockpit! Its a great way for them to burn off energy and some wonderful photo opportunities! There are some great places for some healthy treats and food for your kids, so if you’re taking the train into Amsterdam (which is a very short ride), stock up on some healthy snacks!


One of the most famous neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. Your children will love the picturesque homes along the beautiful canals. Their are endless houseboats to see and great shops and restaurants. Explore for hidden courtyards!


On the border of this scenic neighbourhood is The Anne Frank House. Your children will learn how Anne Frank, her family and family friends lived for two years in the “secret annex”. Its a learning experience for the family not to be missed and it puts her story into perspective. Hear the coveted church bells that Anne would write about so many years ago.  Visit Vereniging Kippen- en Konijnenren Slootstraat to see chickens, rabbits and meet local parents at the playground!

There is also excellent shopping in Jordaan, with amazing toy shops (pick up some wooden toys) and clothing stores. Don’t worry Mom or Dad, their are plenty of great shops for you too! We could talk about Jordaan forever, but this is just one neighbourhood of this fabulous city!

Dam Square-

Filled with tourists, Dam Square lies in the historical center of Amsterdam. See the Royal Palace and the National Monument. We were suprised to learn that Dam Square seems to always have a big event. There was a huge fair when we arrived.  It’s great fun for the older children and your younger ones will love the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

Canal Cruises-

This is a great way to see the city with your family. Go in the morning to avoid the younger touristy crowd, as they are allowed to bring alcohol on the boat. Enjoy a  morning ride of wonder as you watch other houseboats, different building and the endless bicycles. It’s a great way to get around town!

Endless Museums-

Works of art are everywhere in Amsterdam! If you have a baby or children who appreciate the beauty of the art world, there are endless Museums to see (Van Gogh, Stedeljik,Rembrandt   etc). Let your children view a very important part of history and let their minds wander amongst some of the world’s great!


Photo opportunities galore! Climbing the Iamsterdam sign is the norm. There is a huge park of running space for your children to burn off some steam. Get a great photo to commemorate your stay and do the typical tourist thing. Its fun!



Trams are carriage friendly, cheap and reliable to say the least. The drive itself is fun for kids and gets you to your destination faster! Amsterdam has an excellent transit system. Even Centraal Station is gorgeous!

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