Many child psychologists agree that children today are more stressed out then they have ever been before. Unlike previous generations, children have so much information coming rapidly into their homes. Bullying can now take a hefty and permanent toll online and of course their are enormous social pressures. Anxiety and depression are hitting more children then ever before. How can parents cope helping their little ones?

Childhood stress expert Lori Lite has the answer. In her book, Stress Free Kids , Lori highlights the increasing demands, technology, bullying academics and family dynamics.  Lori highlights how both you and your child can apply breathing, visualizations, affirmations and muscle relaxation exercises through out a stressful day. The key is to decrease your child’s anxiety and give them a more joyful life. Let’s face it, we as parents can apply these tools as well!

What makes this book stand out is that Lori gives her own personal experiences as examples for the book. The Parents Point of View section (POV)  is full of great tips and advice. Stress Free Kids also highlights as many stressful situations your child may encounter. From finding peace with excessive homework to national events that will shock your children, Lori Lite ensures a safe way to keep your child calm and understanding.

This book is an important read for every parent or parent to be. Raise your child in a calm, understanding environment and your child will feel safe coming to you with issues. Let your older children read this book too, learn some calming techniques and have your child grow to use these techniques well into adulthood. We also found it a wonderful refresher for ourselves. Read this book and read it again when you find your family or a child in a very stressful situation. You will find the answers you need!


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