Baby That Develops Rashes From Clothes? Try Cozi Dry!

When your baby breaks out into a rash from clothing, a parent must take great precautions with the clothes they put on their child. From a teething child constantly drooling and causing a rash to a child with sensitive skin, we need to have clothes we can trust.

Cozi Dry from Ireland has your answer! Created by childswear designer Emily Godson, she describes CoziDry as a “labour of love’. CoziDry may be only in its infancy (it opened for business in October of last year) it has already exploded onto the market and Cozi Dry products are available globally. Emily came up with the idea of the line when her three children drooled so much during their teething phase. After changing her babies vest a number of times in a day, she had her own “eureka” moment. After months of testing, CoziDry is not only great for stopping rashes and keeping your wee ones dry, but also is lightweight, your little one will not feel boggled down and can drool as he or she pleases.  It is a new, natural alternative to cotton that is soft like silk, thermo-regulating, mositure proof and breathable.


CoziDry has been featured in magazines around Ireland and the UK and will be at the Babytalk festival in Dublin.

If you are an eco friendly Mom, or have babies who drool a lot, or just a little one with sensitive skin, Cozi Dry is your answer!

Visit CoziDry’s website to shop for your little girl or boy today!

*We urge our readers outside of Ireland to check out their babies sizing here, as sizing can differ from each country.