A Christmas With Corduroy Book Review

There is only a few books in our life that really stand out and make us smile. Of course your classics in high school and maybe you read a book through out your life that changed it. When you were a small child, what books stood out to you? One of them that we highly recommend for your children to read over and over again and pass down to their children is A Christmas Wish For Corduroy by Viking Books!

It’s Christmas time and it’s a December afternoon and Corduroy sits on a big store shelf waiting patiently for a little child to choose him to be their bear.

When Santa comes to the store to read to the children, Corduroy decides that he should visit Santa to see if he knows a child that would like a bear.

When the shoppers leave and the lights in the store go dark, Corduroy leaves  and walks around the empty department store, trying on shoes and hats and even baby clothes!

Corduroy’s Wish For Christmas

When Corduroy goes to Santa’s village located in the store, he finds these comfortable overalls that are “the right kind of special” for him! When Corduroy decides he looks the part to meet Santa, he falls asleep in Santa’s big, comfy chair. Santa finds this sweet bear gives him the name, ‘Corduroy’ because of the overalls.

Will Corduroy find the perfect friend? This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and an exciting series that will be enjoyed by generations of readers.

Why Your Kids Will Love This Book

We can’t think of Christmas without Corduroy! He is so sweet and this wonderfully animated and your children will relate to Corduroy’s creativity and curiosity.

Since Corduroy is a beloved series, this is the book that made an impression on the minds and hearts of millions of readers. Be a part of a classic tale and introduce the next generations of readers this Christmas.

Extra Credit

Have your children create a Corduroy puppet and create all of the outfits that Corduroy tries on before he finds his beloved green overalls!