By: Grace S

Generations ago, a garden was integral for a family. Each member would work hard to harvest the fruits and vegetables for the year. Whether it is a full farm or a small backyard garden, nothing is more tasty then fresh fruits and vegetables ready to be picked for the next meal. However, with our hectic schedules and our pre-ready made meals, we have forgotten these integral skills of gardening that help make our life styles a lot healthier.

Today`s parents are always looking at new ventures to teach their children new life skills. One of the best skills a child can learn is to understand the reward of hard work. What about growing a family garden From families in a suburban backyard to those living in a big sky rise, there are ways that we can spruce up our meals and our health.

Mother and Daughter Gardening

Involving children in gardening is a great way for family bonding, learning new skills and how to tend to our earth. Children will gain a new understanding of soil, food and insects and how they play a vital role in our eco-system. Taking your children to a local library to begin to plan your family garden is a great way to get everyone’s opinion on what fruits or vegetables are best to grow. Delicious Roma Tomatoes in time for August? Or perhaps some yummy cucumbers? Whatever your choice, it is fun for your children to nurture their garden and watch as it slowly grows.

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Families in the city are not left out! There are many hearty herbs that can grow with very little light. Though any choice is wonderful, we suggest parsley. It can grow in harsh conditions and has a high source of Vitamin K, among other health benefits. It also goes great with a lot of dishes and sprouts seeds regularly which makes a nice small gift for friends.

A family garden is the gift that keeps on giving!

A family garden is the gift that keeps on giving!

Gardening is an important skill that should not be lost for the next generation to learn, despite our busy and hectic schedules. Whether your garden is big or small, it becomes a wonderful family project from spring until fall.