A Guide to Chinese Culinary Treasures for Travelers
Travelling is only complete when you also experience the gastronomical abundance of the place. Imbedded in each culinary masterpiece is the country’s rich history, culture, and traditions. In a country such as china where Chinese cuisine rank on top of the best food the world has to offer, it is almost a sin to visit a country and not to try the authentic recipes of those Chinese take outs we often crave for.

So where to start your food escapade in this country that boasts of its five-thousand years old magnificent history and culture embedded in each fiber of their cuisine? What to eat in a country that has the widest array of choices? Well, you do not need a fortune cookie to find out as we are set to give you the best guide in Chinese culinary finest offering. Allow us to share what we feel are the top most cuisine you should try and where to find it:


  1. 1. Peking Duck (Roast Duck)chi1

This cuisine is probably the most succulent food they have on their entre’. It is a big part of the classic Chinese cuisine. Traditionally, Peking duck is prepared as part of the imperial food array. It is very tasty and dripped lavishly with their special recipe braising. This is prepared best in the northern part of China, particularly in Beijing.

  1. Steamed Filled Bunschi2

There are many reinventions of these in western countries but nothing beats the authentic Chinese bun filled with different meat along with their traditional herbs and spices. You can order this treat according to your preferred fillings. There is a wide array of meat choices, you can put beef, lamb, pork, or even chicken combined with a great assortment of native vegetables. The fund and exciting part comes in the preparation of sauce as you can do it on your own and mix different viands to suite your taste. Because this is so popular, you can buy this even in the streets of Chinese villages or mainstream markets.

  1. Mongolian Hot Potchi3

If there is one dish that you definitely cannot pass up when you visit China, it is this! Eating this with your family or friends makes your travel all the more fun and memorable. The usual preparation of combining the rich and flavorful stock with the assortment of vegetables, breads, meats and spices is such a treat. This is definitely not for the faint hearted as it is brewing with spicy flavor ready to explode in your taste buds. This is most popular to get in Beijing and Chengdu.

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  1. Roasted lamb on Nang (a locally made bread)


This can be found in nearly all streets of China. But is originated in Northwest China in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region. This cuisine is filled with history and fusion of cultures as this is a produce born out by the Muslim who reach China and has become part of their culinary legacy. It is the best street food you can find, authentic in preparation and rich in flavor.

  1. Beef Noodles


This is like a staple food in China. Almost all household has the ingredients to make this delicious soup in their cupboard. The restaurants are also filled with this meal varying only on who has a more special flavored soup or who makes a tastier home-made noodle. The competition is also set on how many different kinds of toppings there is in each serving.

  1. The dumplings



This is the oldest food that is popular in the most Chinese areas. It has a history of about 1800 years. The dumplings are made of chopped vegetables and minced meat. The ingredients are covered by dough.

Minced pork, chicken, beef, diced shrimp and vegetables are usually used. They can be cooked by frying, steaming, or boiling. The dish is usually served during the Chinese New Year’s Eve.

  1. The chow Mein



This means that they are stir fried noodles. The dish consists of beef, chicken or shrimp, the noodles, celery, and onions. The noodles should be cooked in hot water for some few minutes. As they cool, they are stir-fried.

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  1. The sweet and sour porkchi6


The dish has a bright orange color. It is sour and sweet. The pork can be replaced by chicken, pork ribs, or beef. This is due to high demand. It is easy to prepare this dish even at home. It is very delicious.

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  1. The Ma Po Tofu
  2. chi7

The is among the most famous dishes. It has been there for more than a hundred years. The dish is described by a hot and spicy taste that comes from the pepper which is usually is usually used in most cuisines. The tofu has green onions that are chopped and some ground beef that is brown red. This dish is very delicious.

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  1. The spring rolls
  2. chi8

These are of a cylindrical shape. The filling can be meat or vegetables. The taste may be savory or sweet depending on your preference. After wrapping the fillings using the spring rolls, they are fried. The frying gives the rolls the golden yellow color. The dish is popular in shanghai, Hong Kong, Jiangsu, Fujian, and other cities. The dish is very delicious

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The above is a list of some of the best Chinese cuisines. Did you enjoy reading this list? Which of the above have you ever tried? Most of this can be found in the tourist populated centers in China and also in some homesteads. Ensure that you taste these dishes when you are in China. You will have a long-lasting experience. You can also prepare the dishes at home.





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