A Homemade Together Christmas


Christmas is here and its time to decorate the Christmas tree and give presents. Luca’s family has come up with a very special idea, which brings us to this wonderful book, A Homemade Together Christmas.together christmas

The importance of Christmas is being with your loved ones. Little Luca’s family decides to make each other gifts instead of buying them. Though Luca’s family and sister, Rosie get right to work, Luca has no idea what to make his family. Christmas Eve is now upon him and Luca is very worried, what is the perfect gift that he can make for his family?

Author Maryann Cocca-Leffler writes in a way for your child to understand one of life’s most important lessons. Togetherness. Loving those who are close to you and spending quality time with them are some of the most precious moments of our life. She makes sure she pushes that message home, in an age appropriate way. Albert Whitman and Co publishing has chosen another great book to rest upon every family bookshelf for the holiday season.