Barefoot Books is not only a coveted publisher that every parent would dream of having each book grace their personal library. Barefoot Books is a movement. This movement is to teach your children (and you) about stories around the world. Through elegant illustrations and wonderful stories, each Barefoot Book is our history as human beings. From tales of each country to a beautiful World Atlas, Barefoot Books makes your child proud to be who they are and inquisitive about those around them.

Behind this movement is Nancy Traversy. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. She is a shining light in a sea of children’s publishing. She wants your child not only to learn, but to flourish in this beautiful world around us. Why shouldn’t your child learn about Village Tales from Kenya or know how to speak basic conversational French? Nancy wears her giant heart on her sleeve. With a kind voice and a vision, this former designer company owner met the wonderful Tessa Strickland (Editor in Chief and Co-Founder) Barefoot Books was born because of a shared interest in eastern religions and a keen insight for stories from other cultures. Tessa brought a background in adult publishing but wanted to do something on the children’s side of things. She envisioned something far greater than most publishers were bringing to the table, books with global purpose. Together, these two women embarked on an inspiring publishing company business that had offices in Canada, the UK and now currently, in the USA.

Barefoot Books believes that parents should be able to TRUST a children’s book publisher. Yes, you would think this is a natural request, but many parents frown upon the books their children get their hands on. We assure you that Barefoot Books is one of those trusted publishers, whose mandate is to educate children about other cultures from other lands whilst using folktales and stories to show our little ones that family adventure, trauma and crisis happens in every culture. In est, we are one humanity and to be united and not divided.

Barefoot Book’s philosophy has always been on community from the beginning. Books have this “transformative power and start conversations amongst our children.” Barefoot Books believes that younger children are not to have stories told to them that are “dumbed down” but that they can appreciate a high level of sophistication when teaching children about community and humanity. Have faith in your budding philosophers!

Even in its conception in the 1990s, Barefoot Books managed (without the means of modern day internet and social media) to find globally minded parents who wanted these beautiful stories. Who wouldn’t really? Each Illustrator paints the portrait of each sophisticated story, drawing parent and child reader alike in a new folktale or storyline.

Barefoot books is inclusive to everyone! Have you ever felt that a publisher did not represent your family’s structures, needs, cultures or beliefs? Barefoot Books orchestrates stories that are inclusive of all cultures from all over the world. Your family in Kenya will feel as included as your friends in the USA. Children will be growing up in a globalized environment and we as parents have a choice, to educate them on different people from all over the globe or not to. Let’s build beautiful relationships for our children with the world around them. Even if you will not be traveling to far off countries, it is a great resource to teach your children about them and to break down barriers through education and story.

For homeschooling children and children who attend school alike, Barefoot Books will take your child on so many adventures from all over the world. Which book should a parent start with when trying to teach your children about diversity, different cultures and the world around them? We recommend The Barefoot Book of Children. This beautifully illustrated book will be a great introduction to children who are just beginning to learn about different cultures and families from all over the world. It is tasteful, inclusive and gives your child a big picture on families and beliefs from all over the world. This book teaches children that even though other children are completely different, it is easy to find key values that link us together. We all have homes, a family structure and people who love us. What a beautiful way to build a better world together!

Barefoot Books also has digital apps, Arts, Crafts, Activities and even a Barefoot Kids Book Club! Whether you are planning a curriculum for your child or some fun crafts on a rainy day, this site can act as a great guide for you as a parent.

Now Nancy wants to help parents who are looking for a part time extra income. With Barefoot Books Ambassador program, you can share products that make a difference. If you are passionate about building relationships and can set aside a few hours every week, you can join this program! The business can be built to fit your lifestyle and you are selling a product with great family values. You can sell Barefoot Books at your own home parties, community events and more!

Our children are itching to learn new things and there is no better time in life to spoil your child with wonderful stories from all over the world. When morality, education and storytelling are in a book, you have to jump at that opportunity for your child. When this is a publisher’s mandate, you have hit the children’s book jackpot. Barefoot Books is just that, a publisher who is there to guide your children through a wonderful adventure of morals, inclusivity, education and exploration. Let’s celebrate our common humanity. Children and families across the world are so similar. Bring your children to a higher level of learning and education and join the Barefoot Books community today!