The World’s Longest Sock-Both Nina and Chuck are going for the world record, but who will be champion knitter of the world’s largest sock? We dive into a book about glory, competition and the best reward.

What It Is About

Written and beautifully illustrated by Juliann Law, we meet the determined Nana Nina who loves to knit and makes socks for her entire family. She is so talented that she opens up her own sock shop. For every sale, she add another row on her very long sock. Her socks are obviously popular, so she decides to create the world’s longest sock! She is going to set a world record.

The world record is set and Nina gets a lot of attention. Far away, a man named Chuck sees Nina who had made the world’s longest sock! He decides he can beat this record. This spawns an all out competition on who can make the world’s largest sock! Who will be yarned the world’s longest sock? We know that a lesson far greater than the competition itself is learned.

This is a much read for children and parents alike. The illustrations are beautiful and the writing jumps out at you. Kind, fun and full of yarn, who will win the great sock race?

Extra Credit

Ask your children to write down or draw a world record that they would like to break. How would they get their family, friends and community involved? Is there anyone who could help with this world record?

Take a look if someone in your town or city is trying to break a world record. It happens all of the time. Is there some way you can help?

A book that is fun, promotes a great activity, healthy competition and at the end, real winners. So much to learn in this book. WorthyKids put out a fantastic book.

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