A To Z of Children’s Health

The Hospital for Sick Children has put out a fantastic book for parents from birth to 10 years old. The A to Z of Children’s Health is an easy, comprehensive book listing conditions of children in their formative years. Worried about a diaper rash? Have a picky eater? This book offers you tips and help with everything baby and child!


Dr. Jeremy Friedman, Dr. Natasha Saunders with Dr. Norman Saunders created this informative guide with the help of other doctor’s contributions. This colourful 400 page guide has a growth chart for boys and girls, clear photos and easy to understand graphs for the interested parent.

Our favorite part of the book is the case studies of certain conditions and how the child’s condition was solved. It just brings a personal element to the book which makes it easy to relate to. We also like the fact that this book highlights ADHD and other disorders as well as physical ailments. The book explains what the issue is in layman’s terms and gives tips on how to treat it. We especially like that their is a section for Anxiety, as this is a growing concern with young children.

This book is a must have in any parent’s book shelf. Whether you are a new parent who is looking to grasp everything or a seasoned Mom or Dad who could use a friendly reminder; this book is for you.