There comes a time in your soother loving toddler’s life where they say good-bye to their soother and begin a new stage in life. Sounds easy, right? Not really. Many parents struggle to get their child to get rid of their soother once and for all, and Susie The Soother Fairy By: Laura Page Hamelin is your savior to saying good- bye to that little soother.


Susie The Soother Fairy comes with its very own pouch for your child to put his or her soother in. The pouch is placed under the child’s pillow like a lost tooth! At night, Susie will come and take the soother and in exchange leave a little present for your child!


Laura’s strategy is simple. Parent’s begin reading Susie The Soother Fairy to the soother loving child a few weeks in advance. Her lovely rhymed book has adorable illustrations and a rhythm that is quite catchy to youngsters. As your child enjoys the book, Laura hints to the child that they are now at an age that its time to give the soother away. She also takes into account that this child may question why their younger siblings still require the sucky little device. Don’t worry, she has a beautiful response to make your child understand that younger babies are still allowed to have their soother.


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This book is a life saver for the frustrated parent whose child should let go of a soother. Save the time and stress of hiding it or it being a constant stressful battle with your toddler and pick up this adorable necessity of a book. A small present (or snack) and a great read is all it takes to transition your toddler into a more independent lifestyle.


Whether it is a binky, sous, soother, or suckie, its time to say good-bye with Susie The Soother Fairy!