aetos apothecary

As parents, we are always looking for personal care products for our families that are safe and effective. From sun protection products to easing the pain of tender nipples after breast feeding, it is hard to find a line of products that is both natural and reliable. We were delighted to find Aeto’s Apothecary, a line of lovingly crafted family products made by a hard working Mother of four.

All of our products are lovingly crafted by hand in small batches from all natural, petroleum free, chemical free, plant based ingredients*.

* (Some products contain natural bees wax.  Tush Ease is available in a zinc as well as a zinc-free herbal formulation).


What We Love: Products that are SAFE for your family to use. It sounds simple, but its such a rare find these days.

-Years of research and testing went into these products. As parents, we go into depth to find the best for our children. Aeto’s Apothecary’s owner is a Mother herself, she knows the products that we want to see on the shelves and what families need for skin care. She made this happen with her fantastic product line.

-There is so much to choose from!- Aeto’s Apothecary is a product for families by a family, so they know all the different types of care products and they made a solution to every problem! We can’t choose a favorite because we love them all.

Also, there is a great blog which we feel that families can really relate to.

-You can feel the heart behind this business. Owner Jane has gone above and beyond with not only her product line, but taking the time to relate to every client with her easy to use website and her raw and honest blog.

Order all of these products today here! (Psst. try the Sun Ease, Spring is here!)