Week two of our get your family outdoors and play campaign brings us to this classic game that can be played both outdoors and inside on those rainy days. Do not use a bad day as an excuse for you and your family not to stay active! Bean bag toss from Bolaball does just that, bringing this classic game to another generation with guaranteed fun, laughs and memories.

This game has it all and is perfect for the beach, camping, picnics family events and birthdays.

This game can be solo or a partnered game. Compete against a friend or by yourself.


We love: that it is a game that encourages toddlers or young children to practice their dexterity and agility skills

-it helps the little ones learn to take turns and encourage each other

-the whole family can play, from your little ones to the elderly who may not be able to participate in more active games.

-it can be played inside, so on a rainy day, you still can have a blast!

-builds memories and takes family away from the computer or tv.

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