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As a new Mom, it can be hard to get to spend quality time with your little one and get in those work- outs to keep you in shape. Those fast paced “no children” allowed classes can make it difficult for a Mom to balance her already busy schedule, to fit in a precious fitness session.

We are amazed with Instructor and Mommy Tori, who has created Babies at The Barre. This “Mommy and me” style exercise class is designed for new parents and their babies. A mix of basic ballet and pilates exercises (Tori is certified in both barre and pilates and was trained as a ballet dancer), you can get fit while being with your baby! Forget those babysitting fees!

After the birth of her son in June 2014, Tori was looking for an option to work doing something she loved while staying home with her adorable son. After getting her certification, the mommy and me style barre classes were born!

Parents can meet and become friends with classmates who have children of the same age, get a great work-out and save on babysitting! Dads, grandparents, partners and caregivers are welcome also!

There is more than this fun, addictive and interactive class. You too can become a teacher ! Tori is currently looking for teachers who could teach Babies at the Barre in their area. She is looking for those who are going through teacher training and becoming licensed in December.  Please complete an application on babiesatthebarre.com to receive further information about licensing opportunities. I really look forward to meeting other new parents who would like to workout with baby while earning some extra money.

We just love Babies At The Barre. It’s what makes keeping in shape fun! Families everywhere can benefit from this fun exercise that promotes health, family and bonding! Click here to visit our friends at Babies at The Barre today!