Inspiring your child

Help your youngster understand why they need to get eyeglasses. Explain that they will be able to see words and pictures in books and on screen more clearly. If your child is involved in sports, specs will help improve their overall performance.

Finding a flattering fit

Choosing between plastic or metal frames will depend on your child’s shape of face and characteristics. Pick a pair that fits well, does not slip out of position, or leave red marks on the nose or ears.

“The architecture of a pediatric frame is different,” says Beverly Suliteanu. “Childrens’ frames are designed to fit children. They are not adult frames made smaller. There is also a difference in durability and construction. For example, chosen glasses that include spring hinges to give frames added flexibility in order to withstand a child’s activity level.”

Picking the perfect frames

Allow your child freedom when selecting their specs. Have the eye care professional pre-select several frames based on your child’s prescription needs.  Then give your child input in choosing their frame, encouraging them to want to wear their glasses, and to take care of them.

“Children’s glasses have come a long way in terms of colour choices and design,” says Suliteanu. “The goal is to complement durability and fit with distinct styling that is current and on trend.”

Helping them take pride in their new accessory

How well your child accepts wearing glasses has much to do with you. Reassure them that their specs serve a purpose and are a fashion statement. To wear them with pride, they need to be kept clean and safe. And when not in use, remind your child to store them safely in the case.

Ensuring you have a back-up pair

Children can be tough on their eyewear so a back-up pair is always recommended. If your child wears glasses full time, prescription sunglasses should be considered to increase visual comfort and provide protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Choose frames that will fit for the next six to 12 months rather than frames that are a size bigger. Glasses that are too big will slip down the nose and change their visual acuity. Always consult with a licensed optician to ensure that glasses are the right fit and shape for your child and be sure to adjust and inspect the frame professionally every three months.

Vice President of Product Development, WestGroupe

As an influential presence and second generation leader in Canada’s optical industry, Beverly Suliteanu sits at the helm of her family’s 50-year-old Montreal-based company, WestGroupe Optical, together with her sibling, Michael Suliteanu. As Vice President of Product Development for the company, Beverly oversees WestGroupe’s innovative, premium eyeweardivision, particularly its FYSH UK, KLiiK denmark and EVATIK brands.

A Montreal native, Beverly graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University in 1989 and with an MBA from Queen’s University in 1991. Her business career began with experience as a marketing assistant at Future Electronics. Following graduation from Queen’s, she worked at Neilson Marketing and Research until 1993, where she was promoted from marketing analyst to account manager. Her next move was to Rhone-Poulenc-Rorer, as product manager for Wampole Vitamins.

In 1994, she joined Michael in the family business, which was founded by her father Rod Suliteanu as Western Optical in 1961. Over the past 17 years, Beverly has worked to learn the business from the ground up, first as a sales rep, then as a buyer and finally heading up WestGroupe’s design and product development team. Her keen eye and fashion sensibility, coupled with her well-honed marketing skills and an innate sense of the industry, have set her, together with Michael, on the path to expand WestGroupe’s vision as leaders in the global eyewear industry.

In 2002, they set the company’s sights on the world of fashion eyewear, creating two new contemporary brands, FYSH UK and KLiiK denmark, both bearing Beverly’s signature stamp of creative design leadership. Today WestGroupe brands are present in 40 countries worldwide. Bev’s design perspective is influenced by her love of travel and interest in the unique and varied cultures she experiences around the globe. Her corporate role in product development, takes her to eyewear trend shows in the world’s fashion and commerce capitals, seeking the latest eyewear innovations, which she translates into Canada’s foremost fashion eyewear brands, continuing the legacy her father began.