Adorable Ideas for a Gender-Neutral Baby Shower


By: Brooke Chaplan

It’s easy to plan a baby shower when you know whether the mom-to-be is anticipating a boy or a girl. Pink or blue decorations are so easy to find and look cute no matter what. Looking for gender-neutral ideas, on the other hand, can be a bit of a challenge. If you’re ready to plan a shower for a baby of unknown gender, you’re not limited to yellow and green color schemes. There are some adorable themes that will help you set up a shower any mom-to-be will remember forever.

He or She: What Will it Be?


You can’t go wrong with a shower that celebrates both potential genders equally! Color in “he” and “she” in the appropriate colors for chocolate bar wrappers, allow guests to wear mustaches or bows pinned to their shirts to identify which gender they think the baby will be, and decorate with both pink and blue. If you hold guessing games about baby’s actual birthday, birth weight, and other stats, include gender as part of the fun.

Rubber Ducks

These familiar bath toys make a great baby shower theme. Prepare blue punch with rubber ducks swimming in it, use baby bath items and toys to decorate, and try games like fishing for ducks. This gender-neutral theme offers plenty of adorable decorating opportunities, and even offers the chance to pick out a few items for baby that will now have special meaning to the new mom.

Milk and Cookies

Sounds like a perfect recipe for a baby shower, since not only do you have a built-in plan for the food, you’ll create an intimate atmosphere that’s ideal for sitting around and chatting throughout the shower. You can even put together a stuffed animal tea party as part of the display, or have Mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie peeking out throughout the decorations.

Use a Storybook

Whether she’s in love with fairy tales, nursery rhymes, or Dr. Seuss, use her personal favorites to create a baby shower the new mom will never forget. As an added bonus, get a jump start on baby’s library by having guests bring books instead of cards. Cards will soon be stacked in a box and forgotten, but books will be loved throughout baby’s childhood!

No matter what theme you decide on for your shower, if you can focus on the new mom and baby throughout, all thoughts of gender can vanish. Use a party space like those at Noah’s Event Venues if you plan on showing a big slideshow, or playing karaoke. This way you’ll have the space you need and won’t have to limit the guest list. The new mom will love these ideas and be able to relax knowing not everything has to hinge around pink and blue.