By: Ashley From Real Talk Mom


Everything first for my youngest is my last. I will never have a first smile, first laugh, first sleeping through the night, first baby food, first roll over… You get the picture.

All these firsts are so exciting with your first child. You know you’ll have more so you kinda rush it. I couldn’t wait for her first crawl and walk. Sometimes I feel like I rushed her life and never really enjoyed it. I honestly do not remember her as a baby. I look at pictures and videos and that doesn’t even seem like it’s the same child that’s because babies dont keep.

I just knew I would enjoy all the firsts with my second child. Which I did to an extent. We found out we were pregnant with our youngest when my second was 4 months old so I knew I would do it all over again. I rushed her too. Couldnt wait for her to crawl and walk but she was a late bloomer and didn’t walk till 15 months, but now, I don’t remember her crawling around. I dont remember her sitting up for the first time. I dont remember any of it. Why? it’s because babies dont keep

With my last, I feel like I’m rushing her along too. When will you hold your own bottle? When will you sit up on your own so I dont have to hold you all the time? I also want her to be like her sisters already so it will make it easier on me. When the older girls are playing, I often think of the day when all 3 can play together. I think of the future and them being in the same dance class and on the same soccer team. It’s easy to think of the future when the present can be difficult, but I need to enjoy the time now because babies dont keep

But as they are getting older, there will be other firsts. First day of kindergarten, first A on a test, first dance, first crush… You get the picture. I don’t want to look back and not remember what these moments are like. Time flies by with kids. There will be a day when they dont want me to pick them up. A day where they dont want crawl in bed with me. A day where they can pour their own milk. So if babies dont keep. I know that schoolage, preteens, and teenagers dont keep

Enjoy every moment before the moments are just memories.