Babushka is a timeless tale of remembering during the Christmas season to serve others, in Babushka, A Christmas Tale we are entranced by this Russian story of a woman who is tidying her home when three wise men arrive and invite her to join in their travels. They are on an unusual and amazing quest to search for a newborn baby, the Prince of Peace.

Babushka, cannot leave her home, she has too many chores to do! She refuses to accompany the men on their search. However, the next day, Babushka changes her mind and goes to search for the men, but cannot find their tracks. She does find a poor little girl shivering int eh cold and a very hungry little boy. She helps both of them lovingly. Babushka decides to continue her walk and offers a gift from her basket for Jesus to every needy child she finds.

Author Dawn Casey tells this tale beautifully and brings the message of kindness, selflessness and giving home to your child (and to you too!) Combined with the beautiful illustrations by Amanda Hall, this book is guaranteed to be a timeless keepsake in your family library!

Babushka A Christmas Tale would make a great Christmas gift for any family looking for the true meaning of Christmas.