Parenting is messy. Cleanup doesn’t have to be.


I remember vividly when my husband’s aunt bought my daughter a beautiful dress for the holidays. At a family dinner to celebrate, I put this beautiful red dress on my lovely little girl. It had soft silk red roses attached. This was not only a dress to wear, but a keepsake for me to show my daughter years to come how small she was! My husband’s aunt had not had any girls of her own, and she explained how nice it was to buy a little dress.

After an hour, my little one had to get a diaper change. As a new Mom to a very young little one, I had my first (of many) diaper eruptions. It may bring Mount Vesuvius to shame, but as I opened the diaper, the mess was up her back. I immediately gave her a bath and put some soft pyjamas on her instead. I went to assess the damage. It was, in fact, all over the dress. I scrubbed and scrubbed. Crisis was eventually averted but it was a lot of time and most importantly, it was uncomfortable for my daughter. No one wants mess on their back!


We were delighted to learn about Baby Backups By Sienabena. This easy to insert pad gives that extra coverage for those unexpected messes. It takes three easy steps: Stick, Wrap and Go! All you have to do is align the indicator line with the top of the diaper. Press the pad into the diaper and secure the diaper around the baby. Then you’re done! To dispose of the backup, you just throw it out with the diaper. It is that simple.


Its super absorbant core helps to get moisture away from the babies skin and the unique wedge contains those messy leaks. The adhesive strip on the back helps the BabyBackups pad stay secure in its place, so your baby can squirm and have those explosive messes without the mess on the outside!

Babies skin is sensitive and no one wants to be in a mess. Buy Baby Backups here to not only save your babies clothes, but most importantly of all, keep your baby nice and clean! Buy it here today!!