Crofter’s Premium Spread Wild Blueberry

Crofters Jam – Your Peanut butter and jelly sandwich will never be the same. Crofters premium spread wild blueberry is a game changer! We were lucky enough to test this delicious flavor and we have lots to say!

The Best Organic Jam

We are always looking for delicious, organic ingredients that we feel safe giving to our family. Crofter’s Organic Jam prepares their Wild Blueberry Premium Spread! Not only is this a family run Canadian based brand, but it offers a delicious Canadian experience.

Overall, this 100% organic spread is filled with antioxidant rich wild blueberries. Your yummy blueberries were exclusively grown in Quebec. From field to shelf, your organic spread is traceable, Canadian and delicious. The cane sugar is Fair Trade as is perfectly sweetened to balance your palate.

crofter's spread
Crofters Premium Spread Wild Blueberry, brie cheese and a water cracker. YUMMY!

They lead the way in sustainablility, have 33% LESS Sugar than a preserve and are USDA Organic. It is gluten free, vegan and NON-GMO Project Verified. As parents, we are thankful that there is no added color, allergens or high fructose corn syrup.

What Can You Use Crofters Spread For?

Firstly, the possibilities are endless! From a delicious Sunday sundae, to a classic peanut butter sandwich to fluffy morning pancakes. One of our favorites is a delicious cracker with a small slice of brie cheese and Crofter’s premium spread with  Wild Blueberry. You can thank us later! This go to treat hits that sweet craving. It balances that salt and sweet taste and is a nice treat rather than chocolate or chips in the evening. It is also so nice to serve if you have company!

Another of our favorite Crofter’s Jam Treats is a yummy cracker ( we used a water cracker), peanut butter and Crofter’s Blueberry Spread. It is DELICIOUS! The children loved it and it makes a great afternoon snack.

Crofter's Jam
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Since all of these yummy Crofter’s ideas will satisfy your cravings and be delicious, remember that you can indulge because there is only 30 calories per serving. Since your whole family will love Crofter’s Spread, you will love that it is available in  (660ml) a family sized jar! We love to get our big jar at Costco! This is available across Costco stores.

Crofters Jam

Finally, Crofter’s organic products are available across Canada and the United States. These places include Whole Foods, Sprouts, Kroger, Safeway, Loblaws, Walmart and so much more! For the best organic spread and the yummiest snacks for your whole family, its with Crofters.