Jacques Lépine has not only created a product to help ease babies with colic, but he is revolutionizing baby products! He shared with us his amazing product Baby Gigl!

How you came up with the concept of Baby Gigl : Jacques Lépine ( founder, CE0 of Slow Control) speaking

One day, while I was giving my son a bottle, my wife rushed towards me saying, “What are you doing, raise your elbow!”

This phrase first made me laugh, but I quickly realized that my wife was not laughing!

“You made him drink air. Do you want him to have colic?” To my great surprise, I apparently was not giving the baby bottle

correctly to our son Nathan, and I did not know why. Like any self-respecting scientist, I did some research. It was then

that I learned that 45 percent of babies fed with bottles had colic, where only 18 percent of breast-fed babies were found to have

colic. The main reason being too much air ingested during feedings.


Tell us about Baby Gigl’s four functions :

Anti-Colic– Inexperience, fatigue and distractions can all lead to parents holding a baby bottle incorrectly, despite their best efforts.Even if a caretaker holds the bottle correctly at the beginning of a feeding, their position may change by the end of the meal.Equipped with an inclinometer, the baby bottle holder alerts users with a sound and light signal that the angle is not correct. A too sharp of an angle may make a baby spit up. A baby bottle held too flat may result in the child drinking air. Baby Gigl shows the caretaker how to hold the baby bottle correctly throughout the meal, by indicating the ideal angle.

Lump Alert : During the meal, a lump of milk or formula can sometimes clog the nipple, without the caretaker even noticing. By the time the caretaker realizes there is a clog, the child may already be irritable or so tired that he or she does not finish the meal. This causes the baby’s food rhythm to be disrupted, which can shift the feeding and caretaking schedule for the entire family. Baby Gigl detects that a lump blocks the nipple. If the child is feeding but the quantity inside the bottle remains the same, Baby Gigl detects and issues an audible lump alert when lumps block the nipple and impeded the intake of food, so that the feeder and clear the lump.

Parents’ Messenger: Reassures parents when their baby is in someone else’s care.Through its mobile application, the Baby Gigl baby bottle holder connects on demand to the smartphone the baby’s caretaker.When a grandparent, family member, nanny,or a friend is watching the baby, parents can remotely retrieve the information generated from the bottle by email or SMS at the end of every meal (Bluetooth Shield Function *).* Bluetooth Shield Function feature allows the disabling of Bluetooth signals at-will when the bottle is placed in the Baby Gigl holder. This function prevents the transmission of any Bluetooth signals while the bottle holder is in use.Using the Messenger, parents can access data about their baby’s feeding at all times, on the go,whether they are at work, running errands, or even a night out. The Baby Gigl tells parents:quantity at the beginning of feeding,quantity at the end of the feeding, time at the beginning of the feeding,time at the end of the feeding,number of lump alerts,number of wrong angle alerts, a graph showing of mealtimes in the day.

Baby Journal 3.0: All about the baby’s feeding in one journal! Baby Journal 3.0 includes all the information collected by Baby Gigl related to the baby’s feeding and general care.Reports and data give a historical overview of all the baby’s meals per day, per week, and per month.The Baby Journal also tracks other information manually entered or provided by other connected devices:

Baby Gigl facilitates collaborating and sharing with other family members with color-coded status updates, number of diapers used,number of burps, total time spent sleeping, overall health log, temperature log, tracking of vaccinations,picture gallery.

Baby Journal 3.0 provides a digital overview of the baby’s wellbeing. It is a collaborative tool that provides the family’s doctor or pediatrician objective and factual information.


How does Baby Gigl aid in the better sleep of infants and their overtired parents?

Baby Gigl is a smart baby bottle holder that analyzes, corrects and monitors the way a baby is bottle-fed and measures the amount the child consumes. By tracking data from the bottle holder, Baby Gigl monitors the child’s wellbeing throughout each stage of feeding as the baby grows. A parent cannot be there for every feeding, so parents depend on a support team of grandparents and family, nannies and childcare providers to help them care for their child. When others are caring for the baby,Slow Control Cross-Sharing Technology* allows parents to easily organize and centralize information collected by each person involved in their baby’s feeding.


How can our readers help raise money for Baby Gigl?


A pack of two Nuk bottles and a Baby Gigl sleeve is priced for $75.

In the future, will we see more fantastic SMART baby products from you?

We are definitely willing to expend our expertise in childcare by developing partnerships and going through distribution networks. Today we chose to pre-sell the Baby Gigl on Indiegogo, but we would like the Baby Gigl to be available on the childcare distribution networks both in stores and on Internet. In this regard, we have already been approached by major childcare retailers.