Maintaining or Caring for Your Kitchen with Kids

Keeping up with housework while raising young children can be quite challenging, especially in the kitchen where the family spends considerable time. If you have little ones scrambling around your feet while cooking and cleaning up, here are a few maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Check Electrical Cords

We all know it is important to keep electric cords to kitchen appliances like blenders and toasters out of kids’ reach. However, it is also essential to check the condition of electric cords to be sure they are not fraying or splitting. A damaged cord can spark a fire, and a busy parent with young children would have to rush to get the little ones out of harm’s way and to call the fire department. Damaged cords can sometimes cause electrical shock when plugged in, too, so keep an eye on the kitchen appliances.

Water Leakage

Check your kitchen occasionally for signs of water leakage from the fridge ice maker, the sink plumbing, or the faucet. Pooled water creates puddles that cause kids and adults to slip and even fall. Fix a leaky tap to prevent worsening damage on the kitchen’s plumbing system and to keep older kids who are using the faucet from causing further deterioration.

Food Storage

Keep the kitchen tidy by storing food in sealed containers or neatly in cupboards. This will help to prevent kids from getting into food packages and making a mess or eating something they shouldn’t. An organized kitchen with food stored as it should be also deters mice and insects, which can pose other hazards to children.

Climbing Dangers

Arrange the kitchen furniture and fixtures so that kids are not tempted to climb them. A kitchen counter stool is fine for adults, but could put a toddler at risk if he or she climbs up and tries to sit without support. Crates, boxes, and pantry shelves should be made off limits to little ones to prevent climbing temptation and potentially injurious falls.

Floor Hazards

Keep your kitchen floor in good condition to prevent trips, sliding, and falls. A parent carrying a hot dish of food or a cooking pan from the stove could fall and get hurt or spill hot substances on nearby kids. Replace chipped or broken floor tiles or carpet sections with worn holes to reduce the risk of accidents.

The kitchen should be a safe zone for all everyone. Inspect your kitchen periodically to find and correct problems so that everyone remains safe in this enjoyable family space.