Some people figure out there ideal business plan through meditation, others through careful planning and consideration. I figured out my business idea covered in baby poop.

I woke up at the crack of dawn as usual. Let the dog out half asleep and raced back to my little baby girl who had just woke up. She had taken one of those poops that goes right up the back and after wiping the, ahem, mess away, I decided to get her in the tub. She was not having it. She clung to me, stinky and afraid. I was covered in crap. After I bathed her, I placed her safely back into the crib. I decided to jump into the shower myself and risk her crying to just take a quick rinse. That’s when it happened.

I am not much of a sales person other then being a big cheer leader. I encouraged my friends to start their own businesses. One friend started taking family photos and it has become a steady part time job. It grows every day. Another friend volunteered with a crisis center and ended up getting a full time paid position with the organization. I am behind them a hundred percent. Encouraging friends to attend their events or use them as a photographer. However, I cannot help but wonder when my time is here. When will it be my time to shine?

I realized that I wanted to be a caterer. Sure, I went to University and had my degree in Political Science. I had worked for an Events company in town and had the time of my life. It was the reason I had paid off my school tuition and had no debt. I made life long friends and I knew first hand how the business worked. I also can cook and I have a passion for the craft. Even to open up a part time catering company and do an event a month would make me feel complete. Once my children are school aged I could really try to expand it. Are my thoughts just up in the clouds?

I have one year of maternity leave to give this a try. If it does not work out, I go back to the office. But if it does, things will change. However, it is a priority for me to not take time away from my daughter in this important first year. Yes, its walking on a tight rope.

One of my university friends is a big business man and owns a few businesses himself. He is in the dental product business but also owns a dealership. He could maybe give me some insight. Whatever insight he gives me I will share with you! Wish me luck!