Many years ago, having a baby shower for your second baby was considered taboo. Mothers received a baby shower to help with the expense of becoming a new parent. Recently, we have been seeing families hosting baby showers for their second and third children. Why has this trend picked up substantially in the last few years? weighs in.

The Meaning Of A Baby Shower Has Changed…

It’s true that a baby shower is to celebrate a new Mommy having her little bundle of joy. Friends and family get together to give the new mom to be a day to be pampered, while buying gifts that can help out with some of the big purchases for a new baby. Recently, baby showers are also a way for a mother to celebrate the upcoming birth of her baby. Many cultures around the world also celebrate by throwing a baby shower for every baby, whether it is the first or the third child.


Product Safety Regulations Change Regularly

We have to hand it to companies that produce baby items; they’re constantly updating and outdoing themselves with safety regulations. However, that adorable car seat you had for your first baby may be outdated by the time you have your second child. Therefore, families of the new Mommy may throw another baby shower to help the growing family accommodate all of those outdated products.


Multiples are multiplying!

 Two Babies (12-18 Months) in a Crawling Position

With fertility treatments, we are seeing more multiples than ever before! Though twins can be double the love, it is also double the diapers, double the clothes; double everything! Families of the mom to more try to throw themed baby showers, such as diaper showers to ease the finances.

Children Are Spaced Apart

Mothers are now able to have children at a much older age! Some mothers have their second child five years or more after their first.  Again, many products are outdated and the game has changed due to the diligence of baby companies. Sometimes it’s nice to help a mother out by hosting a baby shower to keep her updated with the latest safety products.

Opposite Gender

After three healthy boys, Lauren Thomas had a girl! “I was filled with happiness to get my little girl.” She states, “But after three boys, I had no girlie clothes! My sisters threw me a “clothes baby shower” where everyone bought one adorable girl outfit! It was adorable to see the cute outfits and my daughter will have one special outfit from each important person in my life! It’s more than the gift; it truly was the thought that counts!”

Two Month Old Baby's Face

With changing product regulations, this fast paced society we live in also has changed the tradition of baby showers! Add us to Facebook or send us your baby shower photos! You could be featured in our magazine!