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Planning a Star Wars birthday party for your child? Then may the Force be with you.

Just kidding – throwing a party isn’t nearly as difficult as destroying a Death Star or overthrowing a Galactic Empire, but we’re still here to help with Star Wars Rebels party supplies and theme ideas.

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Star Wars Rebels is the newest Star Wars cartoon, which started off as a series of short films last year and has quickly become a favorite of kids everywhere. Coupled with Episode VII: The Force Awakens coming out later this year, kicking off the Sequel Trilogy to the original films, a whole new generation of fans is getting to experience their own Star Wars for the first time right now!

Keep on reading to see our ideas for this party theme.


  • Tableware and Decorations
  • Party Favor Ideas
  • Party Food Ideas

Tableware and Decorations

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Ezra, Kanan, Zeb, and other Star Wars Rebels characters are featured throughout each piece of partyware in the package, and authentic designs taken right from the show come pre-coordinated with a cool blue and red color scheme. This also means that these party supplies are easy to enhance with solid colors. Add in some extra layers of red and blue decorations to create a completely unique and totally customized birthday party look.

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From plates and napkins to paper cups, everything is all about Star Wars Rebels. Plastic Star Wars cups also provide a durable alternative that can be washed and reused after the party, or given away to guests to keep.

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Here’s a fun Star Wars party idea – with a little cardstock and construction paper, roll up a tiny light saber handle. Then, a green napkin serves as the saber itself! Tuck some plastic spoons and forks inside, and you’ve got some cute Star Wars DIY place settings.

Party Favor Ideas

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Every birthday party needs party favors! Squishy splat rocks and glow sticks go great with Star Wars Rebels temporary tattoos and blowouts.


Get Star Wars party favors in the form of pre-filled favor boxes that already include a selection of treats and trinkets, or get empty boxes and stuff them yourself. This mega mix party supplies pack contains mini Frisbess, disc shooters, kazoos, and more Star Wars party favors – enough for eight to have one of each, too. Whichever way you choose, party favor boxes can also serve the alternate purpose of balloon weights!

Dress-up items like lightsabers, blasters, and Star Wars Rebels costumes  go the extra mile towards making the party extra special.

Party Food Ideas

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Cookie cutters aren’t just for cookies. Use them to create a plate of star-shaped sandwiches for lunch, or cut star-shaped pieces of fruit for a snack. After all, something has to put the “Star” in “Star Wars!” A simple cutout from a paper plate can be used as a centerpiece here.

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The blue lightning cupcake wrappers look suspiciously like Force Lightning… that makes them the perfect choice to dress up some treat cups for serving portions of popcorn and other party food!

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When frosting a batch of cookies (either home-baked or purchased), swirl together different colors of icing for a galactic look.

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A tiny Star Wars flying disc can make a great cake topper! We’re on board as long as there’s chocolate involved.

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