As we come to March, our minds are on Spring. Be inspired by these businesses and check out our blogger of the year, Melissa Yakaback’s cool store!


Little Grippers

little grippers


This British based brand knows the struggle children go through with pesky socks. Little Grippers have every type of sock you need, from school socks, to sports socks. looking for something warm and comfy? How about socks for your baby or toddler? Little Grippers has it all, for your children to stay active and look great.



  Our blogger of the year, Melissa Yakaback, has a wonderful online shop called COO.

coo2 coo3 coo1

From teething necklaces to adorable accessories, this little shop is authentic, whimsical and a great place to stop to get a gift for a friend, family member or even yourself! Psst. Teething Necklaces are currently 15% off with the code TEETHING15 at checkout 🙂





Yes, Olivia Ann Collections, beautiful things do come in small packages and your store is a perfect example. From crowns to head bands to extras, this is your one stop shop for unique, whimsical, beautiful items that will stay in your family!


Whether it is a gift for a new Mom or for your growing child, these pieces not only are a beautiful style accessory, but they make a statement! We think the pictures speak for themselves.


Blogger/Inspiration of the Month: Vimala McClure


 Her organization: International Association of Infant Massage:
Twitter:  @vimalamcclure

To describe Vimala McClure in one paragraph would be extremely difficult, but if we could sum it up in a word, we would call it “passionate.” After working in an orphanage in India, Vimala found the benefits of Baby Massage and began to spread her wisdom through out the world with many books. Along with passion, she is dedicated, educated and wanting to spread the benefits and importance of bonding.

Even after 9 books an a life time of hard work, she also has two blogs!

Infants, Babies, the Power of Touch, and
Great Parenting at Every Stage.
Make sure to visit both of these for great information and resources.


A Few Words From Vimala:
In 1973, while working in an orphanage in India, Vimala McClure discovered the practice and benefits of baby massage. Vimala returned to the U.S. and, during her first pregnancy in 1976, she began researching the benefits and importance of touch throughout the animal kingdom and with humans. She studied the work of Ashley Montague, Harry Harlow, Konrad Lorenz, and Kennell and Klaus — who had just come out with their findings on maternal-infant bonding — and many others proving the importance of pleasant touch, eye contact, scent, and prolonged gazing to the healthy development of newborns. 
In 1976, Vimala began massaging her new baby. After intensive research and observation, she developed a curriculum and pursued her vision of sharing infant massage by presenting at private and public events and continuing to teach parent/baby classes. This vision was realized when she wrote Infant Massage, a Handbook for Loving Parents (Random House). It was this book that ignited the worldwide passion for infant massage.
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Twitter:  @vimalamcclure
Infant Massage, a Handbook for Loving Parents (Random House),
The Tao of Motherhood (New World Library),
The Path of Parenting (New World Library)







Nothing feels better than cashmere and Eden and Zoe has it all! This knitwear brand for children is luxurious, yet comfortable. Melissa Wang balances the classic with the contemporary through each piece found at Eden and Zoe. Be inspired by the site! This San Fransisco based company has WORLD WIDE SHIPPING. Great for our lovely global audience.

About eden & zoe: Founded in 2013 by Melissa Wang, eden & zoe is a cashmere knitwear brand for children. The San Francisco based company, creates luxurious and comfortable knits in classic yet modern designs. Eden & Zoe are the names of Melissa’s two daughters and the inspiration behind the company. She started the company with a wish to keep her daughters comfortable, cozy and stylish. When Melissa’s girls decided that wool knitwear was too “itchy”, the mom of two (now three!) began looking into an alternative: cashmere. The Founder and Designer states,  “Cashmere is a material that I love and I wanted to share that experience with them. Having found the combination of quality and style in children’s knits elusive, I decided to create the clothes myself.” Her aim is to design cashmere knitwear for children that is sophisticated and understated. Melissa believes in classic styling with a modern twist. She liked to think about the details that make a garment unique yet timeless. Most importantly, it is about your child feeling comfortable and confident in what she/he is wearing. eden & zoe collections are available for purchase on with worldwide shipping available.


About the new spring/summer collection from founder and designer, Melissa Wang: Nature is the inspiration for this spring/summer collection. My family and I recently moved to a new home with a wonderful backyard. Eden and Zoe love playing in it and can happily spend hours exploring the plants, insects and small animals that live in our garden. I was inspired by how fascinated my girls are with nature and by the details that capture their imaginations.


In this collection, I have combined the knit patterns that I love with beautiful floral and geometric fabric prints. I enjoyed working with the two different mediums, especially in creating the flowing summer dresses and skirts (Eden and Zoe’s favorite items). I am excited to introduce hoodies (Eden’s request!) for both girls and boys. Plus our ever popular tutu skirts are back, adding extra fun to this collection.

For this season, many of the pieces are made from 100% cotton for comfort and versatility. These are machine washable. We also have pieces that are made from 55% pure cashmere and 45% silk yarns. In addition to being ultra soft, light and comfortable, this luxurious blend is perfect for warmer weather.



Twitter is


Owner Melanie Chiknagi is not only a designer but an innovator. She has created a suit that is stylish, yet EASY for parents to get off and of for nappy/diaper changes. We love Moms who not only dream, but make happen and the pickle suit is definitely for every child!
About Picklebee…

Picklebee was founded in 2014 by Melanie Chiknagi,  a London mother who was frustrated at how complicated her childrens’ sleepsuits were to do up.  When her second child was born and she still couldn’t do up the leg poppers on the babygrows, she went on the hunt for something easier to dress him in. Unable to find anything, she decided to design her own, which she named the Picklesuit.


Melanie grew up in North London, attending the American School in London, followed by St Andrews University in Scotland for her undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology, and London South Bank for her Masters, where she studied Estate Management.  After graduating, she worked as a surveyor for eight years, achieving her Chartership in 2009. Coming from this property background, designing the Picklesuit was a steep learning curve, but after a year of tweaks and changes and many prototypes, the Picklesuits were ready to go into production.  Melanie was so pleased with their design and potential that she decided to move away from surveying completely and focus on her business, giving her more time with her children too.


The Picklesuit is an innovative babygrow that is easy, practical, and hassle free to put on, take off, and open for nappy changes.

Presenting to the market a new system for opening and closing a sleepsuit, it has been designed specifically for ease.  The leg poppers have been replaced with the best quality YKK plastic moulded zips up each leg, with concealed flaps on the inside to protect delicate little legs.  The design of the Picklesuit allows for the babygrow to be fully open so that it is easy to dress little ones.  It also allows for nappy changes opening only the leg zips, meaning that baby’s top half stays nice and warm.  Other design features include wide arms and non-slip soles from size 6 months upwards.


Using only the best materials, all Picklesuits are handmade in a British factory.  They have passed all regulatory testing at a UK lab, and the design i­­s protected by two design rights.  This not only ensures that it is the first of its kind on the market, but also means that Melanie can personally oversee all production and maintain the high quality that they are known for.

Melanie also takes great pleasure in sourcing other fun, practical, products for children and has amassed a colourful range of silicon bibs, bow ties, hair bows, reusable food pouches, blankets and more.


In God We Trust Ceramics


Instagram:  @InGodWeTrustCeramics
Twitter: @InGodWeTrustCC
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When you have your new bundle of joy, you must think of keepsakes that they can keep into adulthood. In God We Trust Ceramics provides you with beautiful ceramic pieces, that can be that lifetime keepsake your child will love! Other than the absolute talent, each piece is handcrafted. You will not get a mass produced piece here! supports small businesses that are full of talent and so should you! These pieces speak for themselves and can spruce up a plain room and make it into something beautiful.

In God We Trust Ceramics Words…

My mom (Meg) started the company thirty years ago- selling her engagement ring to purchase her first kiln after college.  Growing up watching our mother create, sell and thrive in her own creative small business inspired my sister and I to do the same.  Completing our BFA’s in ceramics and art education, we quickly joined the ranks of our mother.  With our tech savvy and Meg’s creative and business direction, we began our journey with In God We Trust Ceramics.
In God We Trust Ceramics was founded on a simple principle: handmade work should actually be handmade. Family owned and made to order in our Rhode Island studio by mother daughter trio Meg (mom), Kyla (daughter) and Bianca (daughter).

In a world of ‘same’ and ‘like’, it’s natural to crave something all it’s own.  In God We Trust aims to satisfy those cravings, producing unique ceramic housewares for you and yours.  In God We Trust speaks to the American tradition of high quality hand crafted products- a legacy lost in societies recent move towards more cost effective, lower quality, mass produced goods.  While many companies boast ‘handmade’, their definition of the phrase may not necessarily reflect it’s traditional implications.  At In God We Trust Ceramics, your handmade items are made with our actual hands, as reflected in the surfaces and hand painted variations- absorbing our energy, becoming it’s own unique work of art.  No two items are exactly the same, each is uniquely it’s own.
Offering items ranging from baby nursery signs and room decor, to house number tiles, house warming gifts and wedding favors, In God We Trust creates unique items for all occasions.  This year, we are excited to begin offering prints-to-go.  Using simple model magic prints, we can make a reverse impression to create our local favorite- hand and foot print impression plaques.  Simply take an impression of your child’s hand at home using Crayola Model Magic air-dry clay.  Ship it to us, and we’ll do the rest! 
Baby nursery signs and family name signs are hand crafted to order with your child’s personalized name or family name information.  These signs are available in a variety of colors on our website.  Mobiles are hand crafted in limited, one of a kind batches.  Our current selection is available online as well! 
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