Galaxy Slime that is OUT OF THIS WORLD


Learning about space, stars, and our solar system is always exciting for kids. They love to find out where earth fits into everything and how the sun, moon, and space affect the people living on earth.
There are too many activities to count that can be incorporated into a preschool space theme. Galaxy slime really stood out for us as an activity that engaged the children and built on new knowledge they had learned about stars, galaxies, and constellations. As they played they incorporated constellations (the big bear/ big dipper myths) and what they knew about stars and galaxies into their play narrative.
It’s also super simple to make!

gsalaxy slime2

Galaxy Slime Recipe
-5 Ounce Bottle of Elmers Clear School Glue
-Laundry Detergent (We use a sensitive option made for washing baby clothes)
-Blue, Purple, or Black Food Colouring
1. First mix the clear glue with any glitter you like, we used a chunkier silver glitter for stars and a fine turquoise for dimension. Clear glue is great for this because being able to see through the slime during play really makes it look like the children are holding galaxies in their hands!
2. Then add the food colouring colour of your choice, we did two batches of one blue and one purple, and combine thoroughly.
3. Once the main ingredients are combined slowly begin to add laundry detergent, this you have to do by eye, we tend to use 2-4 ounces. The mixture will quickly come together, if it turns into separated globs don’t worry, then knead it together until you reach the stretchy consistency that isn’t super sticky. (Kids love to help make the slime, we encourage letting them do the mixing and kneading).


That’s it! You’re done and the Galaxy Slime is ready for play!

When we did this activity the kids used the slime on top of our light table. This was great because the light shined through the slime making it look ‘intergalactic’. We also added shiny craft stars that the kids could add to the mixture or create constellations on top of the stretched out slime. They loved stretching out the slime, the texture in their hands, and molding it on the light table.

The texture of this slime stretches incredibly, because it’s softer and gooier than flubber, the kids love it! Give this Galaxy Slime a try next time you are learning about space and let us know what your kids think!