Baby Timer Android App Review

By Karen Del Ben@Ccouponchick

a.ka. Canadian Coupon Chick

I had the wonderful opportunity to review the Baby Timer app for android and found myself wishing I had this app a couple of years ago when my little one was born.  The Baby Timer is exactly what the title states; it times baby’s daily needs.  There are 4 great features to the Free Android app.  It allows a parent to keep track of baby’s feeding s, diaper changes, sleep routine and medication timing.

Each feature can be used either on its own or at the same time, and users are able to manipulate the timers for each feature to include hours or minutes.  The feature that I am most excited to use is the medication feature.  Many times when my son is sick I always forget to write down the times of when I have given him medication.  Having to keep track of everything in your head is exhausting and I’m so glad that this app is available.  Most users, including myself, almost always have their cell phones or tablets on them at all time.  It takes a mere couple of seconds to pop into the app and input baby’s vital information.

There are many reasons to record this information.  It could be for parents of children that have medical situations or children that have low birth weight (again this app would have made my situation so much easier) and need to have a running record of this information for their doctors.  Or could simply be for the parent that needs to know how much sleep their child is getting in between feedings.

This app is certainly versatile and helpful to anyone with young children.  It allows parents to change and snooze the times they set along with the types of alarm sounds that are available.  For a free app, there are so many great features that I’m sure you will all love.

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A little about Joe, the creator of this app: I’m a father of two – a two year old boy and one year old girl. The ideas for the newborn baby timer app came from wishing that I had a new parent “tool belt” that allowed me to track their activities, most importantly, an alarm that woke us up in the middle of the night to feed our newborn every 3 hours.

Trust the apps that are built by parents for parents!

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