Oh, if we only knew then what we know now about entering the grand journey of parenthood! Our readers have some great advice for our new Moms, Dads and guardians out there! Check out these answers!


make noise. Don’t tip toe around the baby, play music, talk normal etc. The baby can sleep through noise

  1. I have done essential breast feeding advice too long for a tweet mummytoboyz.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/the-br plus always trust your instincts

  2. whatever is bugging you this week (not napping, bad latch)….wait it out, next week it will be something different!

  3. Ask & listen to your husband’s point of view on baby issues. Just because you’re the mom doesn’t mean you know it all!

  4. always remember your doing the best you can. Never compare yourself to anyone else’s parenting!

    -Don’t 4get about U! U need to be well in order to take care of your baby. A bit of ‘selfish’ is ok!

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    1. If something doesnt work today or you messed up on the schedule you can fix it tmrw . Everyday is a lesson.

      Sleep when the baby sleeps…. or toddler or preschooler, LOL


      Be present and enjoy; it all goes so fast. And remember, it’s all about perspective: Sleepless nights equal more cuddles!