In our final week of promoting families to get outdoors and play games, we go out with a bang with this classic game! Washer Toss has been a family favorite for generations and now has created a great, portable game that your whole family can enjoy!

You can play this game in partners or solo. Try to throw your washers into the middle ring to score. The first player to reach 21 is the winner!

washer toss

The Solid Wood Washer Toss comes with:

2 solid wood target boxes

8 weighted washers (in two team colours/colors)

Locking System for easy transport and storage

Grip handles that make it convenient to carry

We love this new, sleek design for this classic game.

This is a great game for family events, birthdays or just to have fun in the backyard. Its packaging makes it easier to pack into the car and take away on a trip!


Buy Washer Toss here today!