BabySnApps App Review


Available on I0S 7 and Android


By:  Karen Del Ben

A.K.A. Canadian Coupon Chick

I had the pleasure of reviewing the BabySnApps App on my iphone.  Since I love taking pictures and posting them on social media sites, I was automatically drawn to this app as it assists parents in taking professional style photos with their iPhones and iPod touch.

To operate the app, simply chose one of the selected poses and line up your child  as best as you can to the outline that you have chosen.  Once you have lined up your child to the outline, snap the picture.  The picture is then automatically saved to your camera roll, but can also be shared through your selected social media outlets.

photo 1(1)

There are many different outline options that parents can choose from and many tips and suggestions to help make the pictures seem as if it came from a professional photographer.  Along with the template options there are also the options to adjust the photo’s colouring from original image to Black/White or Sepia.

For the low price of $0.99 parents take professional grade photos of their own children, from the comfort of their own homes without having to pay a professional photographer hundreds of dollars.  This is a useful photo saving option for parents, to save money. I look forward to using it the future.


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