By: Anita Ginsburg

Preparing your children for the beginning of school is a tough task, but you must be especially diligent about sicknesses that will befall your kids during the year. This article will explore ways to keep your kids healthy and prevent illness at the beginning of the year. Schools are breeding grounds for germs, and your children avoid those germs with a bit of help.

Increase Your Vitamin C Intake

You can put your children on a vitamin C supplement that will help improve their immune system, and vitamin C will help keep everyone’s throat clear when the school year begins. A small case of the sniffles that would have become a week-long cold can be defeated with some vitamin C. Any sort of postnasal drip you find in your children will be cleared up with a day’s supply of orange juice, and you may send orange juice every day in your child’s lunch. Vitamin C is your first line of defense when you send your kids off to school.

Healthy Smoothies

Serving your kids smoothies for breakfast will help infuse their bodies with as many antioxidants as possible. Stuff each smoothie with blueberries, spinach, strawberries and other greens. A smoothie in this style is very good for you, and the antioxidants will prevent your kids from getting sick during the school year.

Antibacterial Soaps

Your children cannot avoid germs during the day at school, but washing hands with antibacterial soap before school will create a layer of protection on your child’s hands. Antibacterial lotions will overprotect your children, and their bodies will not be able to fight off germs. Cutting this routine down to just washing hands in the morning makes fighting germs much easier.

Clean The Air In Your Home

Older school buildings are homes for mold and mildew that you can smell when you walk in the building. Your children can learn to fight off germs in the air with the other options in this article, but the air in your own home must be clean. Change your air filters regularly, and keep the air as clean as possible. Your kids will breathe in clean air when they get home, and you must allow them to get fresh air outside. Spending all day breathing in bad air could invalidate all the work you have done.

Essential Oils

You can use essential oils for many things, including keeping germs and illness away. You can make your own hand soap with essential oils, as well as other natural cleaners. You can also diffuse essential oils and apply them to your skin. Holistic health advocates like Gary Young recommend using quality essential oils, and they can be used in your home many ways to keep germs away.

Be Proactive

Any illness that you see developing in your child must be met with a day off to recover. Do not force your children to go to school while they feel sick. Bring them home for the day, give them the medication they need and give them as much orange juice as you can find. A child who sleeps off an illness early in the year is far less likely to get sick later in the year. Forcing your child to go to school with a cold for days at a time will simply prolong their suffering, and the illness could last weeks instead of hours.

Allow Medication At School

Your children may get headaches are joint aches in the building because of lingering germs in the building. A low-grade illness of this kind can drag on for weeks, but giving your child medication at school will prevent the development of even more illnesses. Be sure to work with the school nurse to handle this appropriately.

Prepare your children to fight germs during the school year. Make breakfasts that are healthy, and keep the kids home when they get sick. Supplements will prevent major illnesses, and your preparation will keep your children in school for the majority of the year.