Meet Julia Chebotar – Julia Chebotar practices healthy eating with easy-to-do recipes that busy moms can incorporate into their nighttime repertoire. We learned so many things from Julia. My favorite is that eating seasonally is as or more important than following that “organic” label everywhere. Whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian or a healthy meat- eater; understanding what you are ingesting is what it is all about! We really are what we eat! Julia is all about balance in your diet and your life! Find out how growing up as a red-headed Curlee Girlee made Julia who is she is today!

Show Notes:

[01:55] You are what you eat
  • The moment that you’re putting chemical and preservatives into your body, you’ll feel like crap, lethargic, crashing, sleepless, etc
[02:28] How Julia started to eat healthily
  • Her stepdad’s mother got diagnosed with lymphoma and eating healthy got her into remission and extended her life for 5 years.
  • This eventually to starting their family-owned restaurant The Organic Grill which is the first vegan, organic, sustainable restaurant in New York.
[04:20] The “powers” of fermented foods
  • Fermented foods are really good for your gut health.
  • Everything starts in the gut.
  • Eating fermented foods daily restores a proper gut flora which gives you more immunity to viruses and other diseases.
[09:40] The customers’ experience when they go to Organic Grill Restaurant
  • Customers are getting educated about what they eat and how it’s prepared.
  • They make them feel happy about what they’re going to eat.
[11:35] What is Reiki
  • Reiki is a type of energy healing where a Reiki specialist will put their hands over you and unblocks your chakras.
  • You can do Reiki yourself but you need to be trained for it.
[18:40] Is there a shift toward’s eating healthy this 2020?
  • Yes. Julia has been constantly receiving inquiries on how to start eating healthy.
  • People are starting to know quinoa, brown rice, vegetarian meals, detoxification.
[22:22] Julia shares some hacks to get organic food
  • You can order from  FreshDirect for $30 that delivers seasonal products from two local NY farms.
  • There are coops where you can signup and they’ll send you a Google Form of what they produce in that week.
[26:05] Julia being a CurleeGirlee Redhead
  • Julia is the only ginger in the family.
  • Growing up, she was always different from other people.
  • Everybody should embrace what sets them apart from everyone.

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