This blog one of our favorites! Rhyming Mummy shows us that even in those hard moments of parenting, you can find a funny side to being a Mum or a Dad. Rhyming Mummy is a witty, funny and well written collection of poems that many of us can relate to. Everyone has had that shopping trip from hell.  We can relate to the things we’ve lost to become a Mom. Don’t forget those playdates!

This blog is a perfect way to end your day, especially a hard one. Sit back and read a poem that you will not only relate to, but think was written FOR you. Rhyming Mommy just has that talent. So let’s toast to those awkward parenting moments, the ones that Rhyming Mummy can string into a perfect poem and be thankful that we are not alone!


We see big things for this blog. Put this blog on your favorite blog roll today.



Your children drive you round the bend,
You want to make them happy,
But lack of sleep, because of them,
Has made you rather snappy.
The other parents seem so calm,
Which leaves you feeling crummy,
Improve your mood outstandingly
By reading Rhyming Mummy.

Rhyming Mummy is the mother of 2 little ones. A part-time teacher and amateur singer, she has always enjoyed writing and uses poetry as therapy whenever motherhood gets tough! She hopes to show you that, even in those difficult times, there’s always something to laugh about! May her poems lighten your mood if not your load and show you that you’re not alone.